Protect Your Home From Invaders This Winter


It’s winter and everything outside is cold  dead, or in hibernation. It would be silly to think you might have home invaders at this time of year, but you’d be wrong. This is the ideal time for small critters to make their way into your home and nest. The house is warm, dry, and there’s food available. For you it means germs and unwanted house guests. The most common are listed below.

Carpenter Ants

Do you live in a home with an outdoor area? Do you have lots of plants and trees outdoors where insects can live? Furthermore, do you notice ants in your garden during the summer months? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions you might also have an ant problem in winter.

Carpenter ants build nests out of softwood, they get this wood from their winged members who fly around in search of it. If you see winged ants in your home this winter, it’s a clear sign your home has a nest in the walls, locate and exterminate it with a pest removal service.

Cluster Fly

Cluster flies are very common in the US  at least in the summer. In fact, they are probably the most well known insect. The common fly is responsible for annual bouts of frustration and annoyance as you chase the critters around the room with a bat.

However, if you see these flies in your home during winter it could mean something else. The cold weather should have killed off these flies so if they’re still around they might have established a nest somewhere in your home. If you can’t find it contact an exterminator.


Mice are cute, if they’re on a nature documentary or a cartoon, they’re not cute if you see them dashing across your kitchen floor. These wild mice may well have a family nearby, possibly in your home. They will search for food in your kitchen and spread germs.

There are several ways you can deal with the problem of mice in your home. You can buy humane traps that will trap the mice with food and allow you to release it in a far away place. There are other options, however, such as a pest control service that will eliminate them.


Rats have similar behavior to mice. When the cold weather comes in they seek out warm places to survive the winter and breed. Unfortunately this means your loft and basement are ideal spots for them to nurture their young. If you have rats you might hear scratching in the ceiling and walls, you may also see them from time to time. Rats breed quickly so you will have to act fast. A pest control service is recommended because they can bite and spread disease.


Spiders may not seem like a significant home invader but they can cause you issues if they lay eggs and breed. In the winter spiders crawl into tiny holes in the house and make nests. You might find you have a spider infestation over Christmas and New Year. If you do contact a local exterminator.


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