4 Things That Can Ruin Your Home’s Curb Appeal


You will understand the importance of curb appeal, of course.

When your home’s exterior looks good, you will feel good when you return home from your wanderings. You will do much to impress your guests and neighbors too, and when you’re thinking about moving to a new property, your pristine exterior will do much to improve your home’s value. Getting on top of any jobs that need doing outside is a must then, for all kinds of reasons. Because as you can see below, there are certain things that can ruin your home’s curb appeal, so you shouldn’t neglect such issues.

An unsightly roof

The weather can cause lasting damage to your roof, with both the wind and the rain affecting how it looks to passersby. Tiles can break or become weathered, and they can fall from your roof too. Not only will you get a nasty draft on the inside when your home becomes less insulated, but those on the outside will shudder too when they consider how awful your roof might look. Thankfully, you can easily fix any issues with the aid of a residential roofing company, so contact the likes of D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal if its time your roof needed a little bit of care.

Shoddy paintwork

We aren’t necessarily blaming you for the paintwork, as you might have great skills with a paintbrush. But the weather can sometimes cause your doors and fences to suffer wear and tear, so there will be times when a fresh coat of paint will be needed. Of course, to really improve your curb appeal, you should mix and match colors appropriately. If they contrast badly, they can cause an eyesore to anybody on the outside, no matter how carefully they have been implemented onto your exterior fixtures. 

 An unkempt garden

When the grass becomes overgrown and when the weeds are left to run riot across your lawn, it quite clearly won’t look its best. Messy hedgerows and long past their prime decorative lawn ornaments can also create an eyesore, as can any toys or tools that have been left outside by members of your family. You should use these tips on how to whip your garden into shape if it isn’t looking its best and you should make an effort to get outdoors regularly to maintain it. You will have more incentive to enjoy your garden if you do, and other people will get to enjoy your garden when they’re strolling past. 

Safety hazards

It could be garbage cans left to get in people’s way on the driveway. It might be overgrown tree branches or bushes that protrude over your fence. There could be broken tiles on your walkway that are guaranteed tripping hazards. And the guttering could be hanging loose from your walls. Not only do these things make your home exterior look unsightly but because they are accidents waiting to happen, you might also have to face legal bills if anybody gets injured because of them. For your sake and for that of other people, risk assess your outside area and make the necessary fixes.

These are just a few of the things that can ruin your home’s curb appeal, but take a walk around your property, and if you find other unsightly problems, get on top of them as soon as you can. 


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