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4 Reasons To Become A Medical Transcriptionist

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When going into health care, a critical element of having quality care is having the notes that a physician sees are placed correctly in the patient’s medical records. Having these accurate transcriptions of the doctor’s dictation is vital in portraying the patient’s medical condition, especially if they are referred to a different physician. Whose the person responsible for this position? A medical transcriptionist that’s who! There are actually a few reasons why you should become a medical transcriptionist and now is the time if you are looking for a change in your profession and wanting to make a difference. Read below to find out more.

A Demand

Did you know that there is actually a need for medical transcriptionist right now? The demand for this position is due to the older age groups receive proportionately greater numbers of medical tests, treatments, and procedures that require accurate documentation. The current population of medical transcriptionists is aging and retiring and are split between being audio transcriber or a video transcriber. This means that there is a supply and demand issue and the demand for a true quality transcriptionist is greater than the number of new people that are entering the field. There are always people who are sick and needing the proper documentation that follow them from doctor to doctor. 


There is potential to work from home with this job which is perfect for those that may have children that attend school several hours a day. The freedom of not having to drive to work no matter how awful your commute is a powerful lure but there is more- you also are able to set your own hours when you work from home. Once you become more established in the profession, there is really no end of opportunities for you to work at home; some small doctors in your town may be in need of your assistance or there are a large number of networks or hospitals that may need independent transcriptionists referring work to one another.  


Be Your Own Boss

While you are your own employee, you can also begin to form your own transcriptionists to your growing needs. Some of the largest transcription firms today began as just a one-person business but now has various audio and video transcriber employees. A company called iMedX is helping many transcriptionists not only work hard in their craft but offer opportunities, training and education videos and more to keep them on top and the best at what they do. They offer a personalized, interactive classroom with self-paced study programs to help use multiple learning and assessment tools. There are also webinars that are designed to take coders beyond the basics of just ICD-10 training and workshops that include post-lesson testing, course material and skill-building. The more people that you can have working for you, the less you will have to work at transcribing yourself and you’ll be taking part of the employees per line rate. They even offer a Doct Assist app which is one of the new latest technology tools. You simply download the application onto your phone and the doctors can see their patient schedules, search for patients or appointments and create dictations for an appointment. Once the transcription is ready, the transcription can be viewed on the iMedX Mobil DocAssist application.  If you’re interested in learning more about iMedX, they are located in the Atlanta, Georgia area

Always Work To Be Done

One great thing about this career is that the work is fascinating. Each report that you come across is different. It’s actually fascinating to see how two people can have the same condition but their physical makeup can be different in their symptoms! You’ll be able to see and view one specialty area to another over the years. You won’t be bored going from one specialty to the next with new terminology, new doctors and new speaking patterns that emerge as the years go on. Knowing that you are the one helping patients get the quality care that they need thanks to your notes and accurate records, is a huge help to their future and doctors assistance. 


Now that you have a few reasons why it can be honorable to be a medical transcriptionist, as well as a few fun perks such as being your own boss and also the flexibility to work from home, what’s stopping you from becoming one? If you have the drive, can type relatively quick, enjoy setting your own hours and are excited to help those in the medical field, I think this would be a perfect position for those looking to either excel at their career or looking for something that has great benefits. 


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