4 Great Pretend Play Ideas For Small Children


For as long as I can remember children have always seemed to love toys that revolve around pretend play. Both girls and boys alike relish the opportunity to participate in pretend play whether it be as a cashier, cook or even fireman. Thus, this article will reveal some of the top toys for pretend play in order to give you some ideas regarding what to buy your little one as a gift for their birthday or even Christmas. Let’s get started.

Fireman Henry’s Water Sprayer

What kid doesn’t like the idea of pretending to be a fireman? With this water sprayer from Wicked Uncle, small kids have the opportunity to become a pretend fireman. The water sprayer has two adjustable straps, it easily buckles around the waist and is light enough for a child to comfortably wear on their back. It’s perfect for water fights and imaginative play. Kids will have fun putting out pretend fires by squirting water, with both single and multi spraying functions. This mega water pistol is every tiny hero’s dream – move over Fireman Sam! Be sure to check out all of Wicked Uncle‘s other imaginative play products.

Smoby Supermarket Checkout Center with Trolley

This is the perfect product when it comes to the traditional take on shopping toys. The supermarket center looks realistic in its sleek white, sliver, and lime green design. It comes complete with everyone’s favorite aspect; the electronic cash register. The cash register boasts coins, a scanner, and a credit card reader. Toys like this, as well as the likes of PennyDell Puzzles, can help your child’s math skills. As well as this there is obviously a vast number of shelves to place the products in, a conveyor belt, and a vegetable scale. In addition to this, there is also a stylish silver and lime green trolley. And finally, this Smoby toy comes complete with an accessory set boasting eight pretend fruit and vegetables and nine pretend products, including ice tea and Dove.

Step2 Fresh Market Kitchen

If you are looking for the ultimate shopping toy for your child then you have found it with the Step2 Fresh Market Kitchen. This toy acts as a three in one product as there is a market, kitchen, and dining area. Meaning that food can be purchased in the market but customers can also sit in the dining area while your little chef cooks up a storm. The features this toy boasts include; a see-through baker’s display case, a refrigerator, an oven, a microwave, a sink area, a cutting board, a register, a scanner, and a stovetop. Moreover, it comes complete with a 47 piece accessory set, a reusable grocery bag, and two ‘wicker’ baskets.

Ecoiffier Hostess Trolley

A hostess trolley is an exciting and original toy for those wanting to engage in pretend shopping play. The trolley itself has a bright and vibrant color scheme made up of lime green, lilac, bright orange, and pink. It also boasts a food and accessories set which is made up of 21 pieces. This toy is perfect for any child who is aged 18 months or older.

Profile Education Market Stall and Bins

Picture your traditional market stall with the red and white striped pattern at the top; that’s exactly what this toy looks like. The toy is 1535 mm in height x 1085 mm in width x 615 mm in length and it comes complete with six cubby bins at the front of the stall. The great thing about this toy is that whilst it is a whole host of fun it is also designed to be something which is a learning experience. Children will be able to develop their mathematical skills as well as their communication levels.


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