4 Great Apps To Keep Your Kids Entertained While Traveling


Traveling with your kids is fun, but only when you finally reach your destination. The bit in-between can be FULL of stress. Have you ever tried keeping a child entertained for multiple hours as you drive and fly to your vacation location? It’s a very tough task, and if they’re not entertained the whole way, they’ll let everyone know about it.

Thankfully, we have smart devices that let us download things to keep kids fixated for as long as we choose. So, here are some really good apps that will remove the stress from your trip:

Disney Plus

Naturally, there are so many streaming apps you can download for kids. Some people may prefer Netflix, but Disney Plus just edges it for me. You can literally choose from the whole catalog of Disney and Pixar movies, meaning your kids can quietly watch the Lion King or Toy Story during your flight. Plus, they have all the Disney kid’s shows as well, so there are so many choices for children to enjoy. If your kids love Marvel, they also have all the films and cartoons on there – it’s pretty much the full package for kids!


If Disney Plus doesn’t have enough to keep your kids entertained, YouTube certainly will. You can actually download a YouTube Kids app that only shows family-friendly content, so that’s a good idea to keep them safe while browsing. Also, the app only really works when you have an internet connection, so it might not be useful when flying. Yes, you can learn how to download YouTube videos for free – or you can do it if you have YouTube Premium. In these cases, your child will have videos to watch when there’s no internet.

Crossy Road

This is one of those classic apps that keep kids entertained forever. It’s a very simple game where they have to get their character across the road. The longer they go without being run over (it sounds graphic but it really isn’t) the higher their score will be. It’s extremely addictive, which isn’t usually something you want your kids to play. But, when you have a lot of traveling to do, this keeps them quiet for hours on end.

Coloring Book of Dogs

Kids love to color things in, but it’s a bit inconvenient to bring loads of pens, pencils, and sheets of paper while you travel. Instead, you can get a coloring book app on your phone to let them release some of their pent-up creative frustration. Now, there are loads of coloring apps you can download, but the Coloring Book of Dogs tends to be one of the most popular around. It lets your kids draw and color in lots of different dogs however they like. It offers a strangely realistic painting experience as well, and it’s suitable for kids of all ages. There’s nothing like a coloring book to keep your kids entertained!


Some of these apps are free, and some of them have the option to pay to remove ads. If you’re going to use any streaming apps, be sure you download the content before your journey, just in case there’s no wi-fi available to stream.


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