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3 Ways an Outbuilding Will Benefit Your Family

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If you are lucky enough to have a large plot of land surrounding your home, you should consider building an outbuilding. Not only will this give you more space to spread out as a family, it could add value to your property and be a real benefit to you all.

Outbuildings have plenty of purposes. You could use a garage to store away your vehicles or any tools and equipment you have. You could create a space for your kids to play where they can be as loud as they like and not disturb you in the house. Or, you could use an outbuilding as an office space for starting a new home business venture.

The options really are limitless. But here are three favourites:

A Space for Your Kids

Kids need to have some independence and privacy as they grow up and building an outhouse could well be a solution. In this space, they can have the freedom to do whatever they like, however noisy or messy that pursuit is!

By giving them an extra space that is separate to the rest of the house, you are also showing that you trust them to behave well. Teenagers are especially grateful for this as they try to bridge the gap between needing parents as children and gaining adult independence. To make this space even more personal to them, involve them in the planning and construction of the building. You can find all sorts of suitable plans at The Garage Plan Shop that should suit the whole family.

A Home Office

Working from home is a fine balance. On the one hand, because you are home, you feel responsible for all the housework and other chores. On the other hand, you’re still working a job and need time to focus on that!

A great compromise is to use an outbuilding to segment your life a little bit more cleanly. Install a beautiful office space tailored to you and move all your work things over. In the morning, you can get dressed and ready with everyone else, but when you set off for work, enjoy a short walk across the yard instead!

By separating your office from your home like this, you also give yourself a better chance to impress your clients. Rather than inviting them into your home complete with toys strewn everywhere and breakfast dishes in the sink, you can bring them directly into your office.

A Proper Storage Space

When your home doesn’t have a proper storage space, stuff just gets everywhere leaving you to feel cluttered and messy. This is certainly the case when you have bigger tools that you use outside but don’t have anywhere to put them! Plus, there are lots of great storage ideas you can use to organize the space even better.

To achieve a sense of calm and reclaim your house from the chaos, an outbuilding really is ideal. Here you can dump the things you don’t use regularly or only use in the garden without feeling guilty about it. It’s just what you need!

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    November 13, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    Dang, that outbuilding in the photo looks nicer than most homes, lol. I’d love to have that.

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