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Create The Ultimate Kid Space: Adults Not Allowed!

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As our kids grow up and morph from the sweet little cherubs we nurtured for over a decade to the moody adolescent morose young people we still love unconditionally, we know that it’s time to try and give them their own space. Family time is great, but there’s a danger of smothering your child when all they want is a bit more freedom as they start to grow up. The easiest way to achieve this is to designate an area of the home to your child. This is more than a bedroom; we are thinking a full blown part of the house. By showing that you trust your offspring, you’ll find that the family time you do spend together is more meaningful and of a higher quality rather than times spent with your teenager moping and merely grunting when offering up any conversation. Take a look at these ways you can create the ultimate kid space.


If you’re fortunate enough to have a cellar in your home and it’s languishing unrenovated, now might be the time for it to find a purpose. By boarding and insulating the walls, installing power and putting down some flooring, your teenager has a ready-made space. You could allow them to decorate and furnish the newly formed kid space with a set budget, giving them advice and ideas as and when they ask. Giving them this area will encourage them to invite friends over and have pride in their environment.


If you have a house on a large enough plot, you could consider building a small dwelling on your land. You could investigate the cost of a pole barn house or a steel structure or a wooden summerhouse when looking at the most appropriate building for your adolescent. You want to build something cosy and usable so that when your teenager eventually leaves for college, you are still left with a functioning building which you can then use for another purpose. Making it large enough to house a TV, games and a sofa allows your son or daughter to have their own little haven of relaxation.


If you’re already considering an extension to your home, why not think about adding a granny annexe for your youngster at the same time. Adding square footage to your property will see an increase in its value. By using your extension plans as an excuse to reconfigure your home to the family market, it will pay off when the time comes to sell up.

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Why Make A Separate Space For Your Child?

You may think it sounds counter-intuitive to create another living space for your teenager when all you want is for them to spend more time with you. However hard it may be to see them spending time on their own, remember that it’s a phase that all youngsters go through – even you did once upon a time. Try and eat meals together, have a family outing at least once a week and stay interested in what your child is doing. By empowering your child to have their own area of the home, you may find that they choose to spend more time with you in the long run.


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