3 Secrets To A Smooth and Stress-Free Move With Children

It goes without doubt that every family would love to spend their entire life in the same place they grew up calling home. However, most of the time, this is not possible due to job transfers, natural calamities, and insecurity, among others that force people to change homes.

The truth is, moving is a complicated and mind-blowing activity that, if not well handled, can have very negative impacts. Apart from worrying about your essentials’ safety, you also have to address the psychological implications that come with changing homes.

The situation is worse when you have children as their understanding and stress management ability is low. As such, the whole experience may have a significant toll on their well-being.

Following this, you must put extra effort towards achieving a smooth transition that will have zero to no effects on your child’s growth. Below is a discussion of three key things you can implement while moving houses to safeguard your child’s wellbeing.

Prepare Them Psychologically

Despite their age, your children deserve to know about the decision to move as soon as you make it. As you get the news to the children, be truthful and open and answer any questions they may ask. It’s natural for them to be hostile and reluctant at first, more so if they love the neighborhood, but as their guardian, take it upon yourself to minimize their fears and make them understand why you need to move.

Some of the issues you will have to handle at this stage include worries about losing friends, changing school, environment, and church, to name a few. Assure them that they will make new friends in the town you are relocating to and talk to them about the good things found in that town.

Equally important, give your children time and space to accept the situation. They may seem withdrawn, sad and lonely during the first few weeks after moving but resist pushing them to take the trouble. Let them do it at their own pace and, if possible, have them keep in touch with their old friends through Skype, Facebook, and other platforms.

Make the Moving Process Smooth and Accommodative to the Children

The last thing you should allow is your children to perceive moving as a hectic and stressful idea. If this happens, be assured that they will always give you a hard time when you want to change homes. Therefore do everything within your power to make sure that the process is smooth for the family.


One effective way to do this is to hire household moving companies to do the work for you. Entrusting your moving to professionals will give you ample time to take care of your children and other essential things as you change homes.

Plan Early for the School Transfer

You can plan to have the children attend the same school even after moving houses, especially if the school is still in proximity. If this is not possible or you plan on moving to a faraway town, start the transfer process with your children’s school early enough to ensure your children don’t miss out on school after getting to your new home.

Please take note that missing school is dangerous to the children and can make them hate moving. Therefore start clearing with your child’s old school and researching the schools found in your new town immediately you decide to move.


It’s not possible to stay in one place forever. A situation or two may force you to change homes now and then. When this happens, make sure to make the process smooth and stress-free for the children by following the above three recommendations.


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  1. Afton Jackson
    May 4, 2021 at 7:22 pm

    You made a great point about how a change in environment can be stressful for children when they move houses. My son always loved running around the park near our house whenever he wanted to play and get some exercise, so I better make sure that we find a similar area in the new neighborhood we’ll be moving to. I’ll take a few trips in advance to that neighborhood so I can show my son that he still can have fun there before hiring a moving professional to help us relocate.

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