Moving With Children? Let’s Talk About That

If you think that moving house is stressful, you would be correct. Packing your life up and moving to an entirely new place is hard. You have to get to know a new neighborhood, a new home, new people, a possible new workplace and even new places to hang out and get coffee. That’s not always a smooth move to make. Making that move with children? Well, it’s slightly more complicated.

Children don’t intend to be difficult when you move house, but they are children, and they are chaotic, and change isn’t always a natural thing for them to deal with. Children may be resilient when it comes to moving house, but there will always be things that you need to consider. You need to find the best Tips for Selling your Home before you start thinking about your big move, and you have to try to do all of that with children running around the house. That can get complicated and messy at a time you’re trying to ensure that everything is tidy and uniform. Moving to a new area with children takes patience and concentration because even if you think you know your children, you may not know how to handle their reaction to the changes.


As a parent, you have to keep your children calm and rational, where children are not known for being calm OR rational. If you are moving to a whole new area with new schools, then you have to prepare your kids to feel okay with those changes – and that’s not always simple. Younger children and babies may find a new move and new surroundings challenging to adjust to; they may act up and seem fractious, and that’s because they are. They’re doing their best to absorb the changes, and yet babies and toddlers are often far more amenable to a big move. Younger children in school may find the shift nice and easy; they may even feel excited about the fact that they’ll have new friends and a new school to go to.

Teenagers? Those may be the tricky ones. By the time your children are teenagers, they will have their own friendship groups and to break into new ones is hard. You need to be understanding of this and give them some room to come around to the idea. You are the parent, which means that you are going to make the final choice for them from now on, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter arguments. There will be struggles here, and you have to bear up and take their worry and anger about the move. They won’t want to leave what they know, and that’s okay; you just have to support their feelings and let them feel them properly. They want to feel secure, and a move doesn’t make them feel that way.

Moving with children is a delicate operation, so you should know what to expect and roll with it. Don’t be afraid to tell them about the move a year in advance – preparation is critical!


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