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11 Winter Fun Ideas For The Whole Family

As the winter holidays draw closer, it’s now time to think about what you’re going to be doing with the children to keep them occupied leading up to Christmas. Because of the cold weather, it can be difficult to know what to do that will please the whole family, and won’t cost the earth to do. Luckily, there are activities not too far out of reach that you could do, and here are 11 winter fun ideas for the whole family.

  • Watch some festive movies

Nothing beats snuggling up in front of the TV with some delicious snacks, hot drinks and watching some festive films to get you in the Christmas mood. Why not pick a movie each and spend a day watching them for a cheap, fun, and cozy day in for the whole family. It’s also a fantastic way of spending some quality time together as a family and will allow you to catch up on work or school and get yourselves excited for Christmas.

  • Visit an aquarium

Take the children to see the wonders of our oceans at Sea Quest and let them learn about all of the different animals that live in the sea. It’s a perfect chance to see your favorite aquatic creatures up close, and to take some photos for your family scrapbook too! To find your nearest aquarium, search for Sea Quest aquariums near me and book your family a lovely day out.

  • Go ice skating

Grab your hats, scarves, and gloves and head to your nearest ice skating rink. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors it’s a brilliant way of burning off pent-up energy while having tons of fun. Don’t forget to check whether the venue provides ice skates!

  • Visit a Christmas market

There’s something really special about walking around a Christmas market. With all of the twinkling decorative lights, the plethora of festive smells, and the happy faces in town, you’re bound to have a brilliant time with the kids walking around and seeing what’s on offer.

  • Go bowling

Bowling is a fun activity for all of the family because it allows for some friendly competitiveness and it’s also a very fun game to play. If you don’t have a bowling alley near you, then why not turn on the Wii and play some good old Wii bowling for a completely free way of experiencing the bowling atmosphere!

  • Go for a walk

Get your winter boots on, wrap up warm and take a long walk with the children. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with hills or hiking treks, then it would be the perfect time to take the camera with you and snap some shots of the winter time in your area. Don’t forget to be careful if there has been snowfall and you’re walking as it can be easy to slip and hurt yourselves!

  • Bake some goodies

Buy some eggs, flour, butter, and sugar and whip up some delicious cakes and biscuits with the children. Giving them a job each will not only occupy them, but teach them valuable skills for when they are older. On the plus side, you get to sit down and enjoy the delicious treats when they’re cooked! Take a look at these winter cookie recipes and see if you can have a go at some of them. It might also be an idea to bake some goodies for family members and get the children to take them over. A perfect excuse to go and see your loved ones!

  • Redecorate with the children

Before Christmas is an excellent time to grab a paint brush and freshen up the walls in your home. Get the children to help with the lower painting, and also get them to choose which toys and belongings they would like to donate so that their bedrooms are decluttered ready for the gifts they will receive at Christmas. Getting your children to donate their unwanted or unused toys will teach them the value of property.

Why not go all out and declutter your whole home so that when spring rolls around you will have a freshly painted, clean home.

  • Do some crafts

Get the glue and craft box out and do some crafting with the children. A great idea would be to get yourselves some card and some envelopes and make your own Christmas cards for the whole family! Just be sure to cover the table and surrounding floor to protect it from glitter and glue! Again, this will be a fabulous excuse to take the children over and spend time with your loved ones!

A great idea would be to build a miniature house for any creatures in your garden that will struggle in the cold weather like hedgehogs and birds. Fill it with straw and leaves so they can keep themselves warm too!

  • Make Christmas decorations

A great way of making Christmas even more special is to make your own Christmas decorations. You can buy clear, plain baubles that you can decorate with paint, small ornaments inside, glitter, and many other things too. Another great idea would be to get the children to design some placemats for the Christmas meal. They could personalize them by putting names on the placemats and making them fun and exciting for each Christmas to follow.

Why not try your hand at making your own wreath for the door to add an extra touch of special to this Christmas? Add that to some homemade paper snowflakes and the exterior of your home will look super festive.

  • Take advantage of the snow

If you’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas, then take full advantage of the snowfall! Go and have a snowball fight with the families in your neighborhood, create snow angels, and build a snowman. Again this will pose a great opportunity for some family photos for the scrapbook.

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    Good ideas, thanks!

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    nice ideas for family activity.

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