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Why Does The Cost Of A Home Keep Going Up?!

For those of you who own your own home at the minute, you’ll be able to really relate to what we’re talking about. The cost of a home just seems to be going up, and there seems to be nothing that we can do about it. One day we’re paying every single bill on the planet, and the next something is breaking down, meaning we can kiss goodbye to our savings. But this is what we’ve always had to deal with in terms of being a homeowner, so why does it feel like the cost of a home keeps going up? Well, there are many factors at play here, and half of the time, we’re the cause. We know it can be challenging owning a home, but it’s a necessary step in life that you just can’t escape. Once you’re settled into the home life, there’s no coming out of it. All you have to do is find ways of getting these dreaded costs down, and actually being able to enjoy being a homeowner. If this sounds like exactly what you’re looking for, keep on reading, and we’ll show you how it’s done.

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What Are We Doing Wrong?

We’re doing many things wrong, we just don’t like to admit it. There are some things that you might not have even considered, that will definitely hit you in the face with a big bill if you’re not careful. We’re talking about security, something a lot of people ignore in the home. Security systems are now so high tech and incredible, that if you do have a break-in, they definitely won’t stay long. The cost of a break-in could be thousands if you have no security at all. Another thing we’re all doing wrong is forgetting how much energy and water we’re actually using. Putting the tumble dryer on because you can’t be bothered to peg washing out, having half an hour-long showers… it all adds up. We’re creatures of habit, and something all that’s needed is for those habits to be broken!

So Why Are They Going Up?

So you will have no doubt noticed that the cost of running your home has gone up and up, especially if you’ve been in your home a good few years now. We could spend the whole article talking about why, but we’ve split it into two instead. Two main reasons for the cost going up is mortgage inflations and the economy. If you’re not tied into a fixed mortgage, you will have been hit with a mortgage increase at least once in the last few years, and depending on the home you have and the area you’re in, it could have been rather high. There’s also the economy coming into play, with the providers of your electric, gas, and water, putting their prices up what feels like each year. So there’s nothing you can do about these two, apart from prepare. Building up those all important savings is getting even more essential!


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