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There is no doubt that white decor and furnishings can be absolutely stunning when used correctly. The color — or lack thereof — can make even the smallest room seem larger, helping to reflect sunlight and create a spacious interior. White is the color choice for anyone interested in pursuing a modern, minimalist decor.

However, there is a substantial downside to having white decor and furnishings in your home– the maintenance.

White Isn’t Always Bright

When walls are first painted, when bedding is freshly washed, when tables are freshly wiped down, white can look absolutely stunning. The surfaces shine and the fabric is crisp and pristine, but they won’t stay that way for long.

White has a tendency to show dirt far more than any other color. Every tiny fleck that appears on a white surface is immediately obvious, which can send you into a perpetual cleaning frenzy in an effort to try and maintain your home.

Then there is also the fact that light colors don’t wear well. White bedding tends to lose its crispness within a few washes; wall paint and furniture can be yellowed when exposed to direct sunlight.

All of the above is enough to make you wonder if choosing white as the color for your decor and furnishings is worth it. Sure, the look is stunning, but can you live with the maintenance?

The answer is a resounding “yes”, but you will want to keep these factors in mind…

#1 – Avoid Direct Sunlight

As mentioned above, direct sunlight can cause white furniture and walls to yellow and lose their crispness. The best way to avoid this is to prevent direct sunlight, using blinds, window film, or just carefully arranging white furniture away in a place where they will always be shaded. This is particularly important as, for the most part, when an item begins to yellow, there’s no way of returning it to its former glory without repainting it.

#2 – Rotate Sheets and Linens Regularly

You should wash your bedsheets and linens at least once every fortnight as a general rule. However, if you have white bedding, then you are going to want to change this more regularly to help keep it pristine.

To do this, you will need to invest in multiple sets of sheets rather than the standard “one to use, one to wash” formula that most of us live by. You can save yourself a little cash when buying your extra sheets by using a 10% off Frette coupon code, bringing Frette’s luxury bed linens into a more affordable price range so you can stock up. When you have your replacement linens in place, you will want to change the sheets at least once every three days.

#3 – Opt For Matte Textures

It is far easier to keep matte textures looking good; shiny surfaces may look fantastic, but they will need endless maintenance that you soon tire of. If you choose a matte finish on white furniture and surfaces, you’ll be able to relax more, and the furniture will look better too.


Hopefully, you have found these tips on living with all-white decor useful and have found something you can put into action.

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.


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