Which Types of Area Rugs Complement Rustic Homes?

The rustic style is a dominant residential design. It highlights stone, exposed wood, iron elements, and distressed pieces.

Every room in your home should feel cohesive and connected, from bedrooms to living areas to dining rooms.

If a rug is an element your house needs, you need this quick list of area rugs that complement rustic homes. By the end of this article, you’ll have an idea about what to search for.

Rugs With a Raised Pattern

Neutral tones are common in a farmhouse color palette. This stylistic choice doesn’t equate to a dull design. Retain the neutral tones you adore, and choose a rug with dimensions.

The rug will have raised elements to create the design. Rather than relying on a bold, colorful look, the design and texture will speak for themselves. Implementing these area rugs is a great technique to enhance your home’s rustic aesthetic without going overboard.

Rugs Made of Natural Materials

Solid unfinished wood is only one natural material that defines rustic interior design. Find a naturally made area rug with materials like wool, sisal, and jute. These types of area rugs complement rustic homes well.

Wool rugs use sheep’s fur. Sisal comes from the leaves of agave plants to create a tough, biodegradable rug. Jute rugs come from jute plants in Asia. The soft fiber is also present in burlap and rope.

Each natural material has a unique texture and finish. The versatile styles will make it easier to find the right design that suits your house.

Rugs With a Bohemian Design

The natural wood and leather elements aren’t the only components that create interest in a room. Rustic homes also need pops of color to break up the neutrals.

Try adding a rug with a boho design. The cozy element makes for a peaceful sensation. Colors like blue, pink, and purple will brighten the room while uniting the space.

One of the advantages of hardwood floors in rustic homes is that they always benefit from a few area rugs. This list will help you pick the right material and design to make your home feel complete.


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