Where Can Parents Go When They Need Support?

Being a parent is tough. Every parent has to learn as they go along, and it’s normal to never really feel like you know what you’re doing. But there are times when you might feel like you need some extra support, whether you’re looking for parenting advice, someone to share your feelings with, or perhaps help with money. There are a few people and places you could go to if you’re looking for support as a parent.


Friends and Family

Your friends and family are often willing to be there when you need support. You might feel reluctant to lean on them, but they’re probably more than willing to be there for you. Those who are parents can offer you advice and sympathy, while even those who aren’t can help by giving you a break or someone to talk to.

Parent Support Groups

Beyond your friends and family, you might want to explore the option of attending a parent support group. These groups are often fairly informal and give you a place where you can talk to other parents and parenting experts. As well as finding support groups out in the “real world,” you can also discover support groups online.

The Library

You might not know this, but your local library could be a great place to go for parenting support. It’s a useful resource if you need to know about social services, welfare, and public assistance, healthcare issues, employment, and many other important social issues that can affect your life.

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