When Maintenance Issues Go Wrong

Homeowners and tenants know better than anyone that home maintenance is at the heart of a happy and healthy home. However, maintenance strategies can differ. There is no right way to look after your property. Some households have a strict chore schedule, while others like to clean and tidy up as they go. Busy parents can rely on the services of a professional cleaning agent who can come once a week. Others share tasks among themselves. You decide what feels right for you. However, despite our sophisticated maintenance plans, mistakes can still happen. Here are our tips on how to fix and avoid those costly issues:


Why does it happen?

That little thing? Of course, I can fix it myself! I’ve watched a video tutorial online. I know what I’m doing. The only problem with self-confidence is that it can take a minor issue and make it much bigger. Nowadays, you can find a variety of DIY tutorials online. But that doesn’t mean you can become an expert overnight. Professional plumbers, electricians, and plasterers follow intensive training to learn their skills. That’s why they can make any fix look easy! Trying to DIY a repair work with inappropriate tools and knowledge could backfire!

It’s in a part of the house you rarely see

You’d think you can spot a water leak at home? The truth is that leaks happen in areas you don’t pay attention to, more often than not. A hole in a pipe that runs through the basement, for instance, can rapidly turn into a flooded basement, which can weaken your foundations. Unfortunately, because most people avoid the basement or the attic, issues in those areas are likely to have dramatic consequences. If you spot stagnant water at home, you want to get in touch with water mitigation specialists such as , who can rapidly and safely address the problem. Ideally, you should make a point of running regular checks in every room. It takes only a few minutes to check that the basement and the attic are in order!

You haven’t identified the underlying issue

Does the light flicker in the lounge? It’s probably a contact problem. When you’ve checked the lightbulb, you call the electrician, who replaces the wires because they were damaged. But don’t assume that the issue has been fixed. For instance, damaged wiring can be caused by mice that tend to bite their way through the wall, including the wiring system. Unfortunately, mice don’t leave on their own. They are likely to eat the next set of wires unless you get in touch with a pest removal company.

You’re relying on the landlord to make repairs

Tenants are in a delicate position as they rely on their landlords for repairs. However, when your landlord is slow to address maintenance issues, you need to protect your rights. Many tenants don’t realize they could report code violations to the county or a building inspector to speed up repairs, as per https://www.forbes.com/your-landlord-wont-make-repairs-you-have-rights/. In some states, you can even withhold rent if your landlord refuses to repair the property.


Home maintenance can go wrong at times. However, tenants and homeowners can learn to identify and avoid issues successfully. Saving costs while keeping your home safe is an essential lesson everybody needs to learn!


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