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What To Purchase After Buying Your First Home

Purchasing your home is such an exciting time in any person’s life. You finally own something that is only yours and your hard-earned money. There are, however, a few big things that you’ll want to purchase after you buy your first home to keep you and your loved ones safe, secure and sleeping with peace of mind. Below are a few essentials that you should begin to purchase immediately after signing your papers. 



Home Security System

While you may feel overwhelmed at all the various security systems that are out there- they claim to help you but overall they may be doing the opposite. A well trusted and reliable home security system is what you truly want and deserve right? If you live in the New Jersey area, Alpha Fire & Security Systems is the company that you not only want to keep your home safe but also reliable and understanding company that does that hard work of installing it for you. They provide only the most innovative and high-quality products and services not only for your business but for your home as well. If you are in need of inspection, service or upgrade, this is the company to know and trust. 

When it comes to your security system, they offer a touch screen, voice-activated burglar alarm system as well as high definition surveillance cameras. In order to properly monitor your system, the company works with its U.L. Listed Central Station to provide you with 24/7 monitoring and surveillance. Their security systems are one of the highest definition systems available on the market today. They truly want to sell you peace of mind with a solution that enables you to keep an eye on what matters, your business. They are able to provide each customer like yourself, a high CCTV system at a reasonable cost as well. To ask for a free quote, simply fill out the request form on their website or give them a call today. They’ll be able to help answer any questions or concerns you may have and feel good about having them watch over your business. 

Tool Kit

Another big purchase you’ll want to make when you move into your home is a high-quality tool kit. While some of you may love to buy new tools but for others, it’s nothing but annoying. In truth, having a full set of tools will ensure that you are able to fix simple problems yourself such as installing furniture that may be delivered or any decor without having to make any emergency trips to the hardware store late at night. Believe me, I’ve been there! Some basic things you’ll want to get are a hammer, duct tape, nails and screws, wire cutter, tape measure, and a flashlight. 

Yard Supplies

Depending on if you moved into a new home or apartment, if you have a yard, you’ll need supplies to maintain it. A few essentials to purchase right away are a rake, lawnmower, shovel, hoses and weed wacker. If you love to put in your very own garden, you’ll need a few more tools to help you such as a wheelbarrow, sprinkler, garden hoe, gloves and garden shears. A good spray attachment is also a good multi-functional for watering your plants, power washing your garage floor or even washing your car when the weather is nice. If you are in a climate where you get snow, investing in a proper snowblower ( although an expensive purchase ) can really help you save time getting out of your home and to work on time. 

Filing System

While this may seem like something to put on the back burner, it is important to have as many papers that come through to your new home will pile up. If you already have a system in place, this is something that will come in handy. You might toss important documents, manuals, statements or warranties out if you don’t have an easily accessible area to put them in. Your best bet is to have a drawer in a cabinet or purchase a small filing storage bin for any home-related documents that come to you and your family. 


There are several other important purchases to make after you purchase your first home but I think these four things are critical. After all your hard work of saving your money to finally enjoy a place that’s your own, this can actually be a fun part! Yes being a homeowner can be a lot of work but these items will help you along the way to make it your home, save you time and best of all, give you peace of mind as you enjoy your new place for years to come. 


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