What To Do With a Large Garden?

Are you lucky enough to have a large garden or a lot of outside space around your property? If so, are you making the most of it? Outside space is something many of us wish we had more of, no matter how much you love your house there’s nothing much you can do if your garden is tiny. While you can extend the home itself, you can’t extend the garden so if you have the space to spare then it’s worth putting it to good use! The only problem is, a large garden (particularly a very large garden) can be a little intimidating and might have you wondering where to start. If so, here are a few ideas!


Have a Garden Room Built

One way to make the most of a large garden is to have a ‘garden room’ built. These are cheaper than brick-built extensions, and don’t have to be built directly against the house- they can be put anywhere in the garden. They’re installed quickly and don’t usually need planning permission- best of all they function just like any other room. Unlike a summerhouse or outbuilding it’s completely insulated with electricity and even running water if you have it plumbed in. It means you have a separate office, hobby room, guest room, even a hangout for the kids. This extra room would benefit just about any family and is one way to make your living space bigger by using the space you have outdoors.

Plant Trees

Not everyone is lucky enough to have room for trees in their garden. But if you have space, why not plant a few varieties? If you’re looking at redesigning your retaining walls Roanoke experts (or similar in your area) can help. Just make sure that you choose species that can thrive in the climate where you’re living and that they are planted properly into the ground. You can find out more information on garden trees on B&T’s Tree Service Blog!

There are also many other options for things you can plant in your garden, so why not spruce the garden by planting a variety of different colored plants, or plant some seeds of your favorite fruits, vegetables, or herbs? These are also great activities for the family to get involved in with, but make sure you have the right equipment such as a gardening hose, spade, and fruit picking tools on hand for the job.

Driveways and Garages- Build or Extend

If you don’t already have a driveway or garage then having these built is a great use of your outside space, particularly if you have a large front garden. Not only are they practical but they will add significant value to your home (great if you sell later down the line) and you’ll probably find your car insurance goes down too. Insurance is always a little higher when you park on the road. If you have a lot of space around the back, having a large gate put in and a carport built is another option. You can find carport builders online, it’s usually cheaper than having a garage installed and it could be used to protect your boat, motorcycle, or any other vehicle you have too.

Create ‘Zones’

A large garden that’s just a patio and lawn can end up feeling a bit wasted. Sure, it’s a great space for pets and kids to run around but beyond a point, you probably end up with areas of the garden that no one even goes. You can utilize the whole garden by sectioning it into usable zones, perhaps even looking at features such as flagpole installation, a water feature, or a treehouse for the kids.  One area could be an entertaining zone, perhaps a decked ‘stage’ with a table and chairs, good lighting, lots of pots of flowers, and your barbeque. Another area could be a place to grow crops, you could have a greenhouse, and next to it create some beds for growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs. One area could be for children to play, invest in a swing set or jungle gym, a wendy house, and space for their outdoor toys. You could have an entire area covered with a new turf installation to allow for picnics and the chance for new bushes and flowers to grow. You need to have a lush-looking garden and that comes with a healthy lawn, and the right turf company is going to help you to get what you need. Take the time to do your research on turf companies near you, and get the experts to come in and help you to create that beautiful additional zone in your garden in no time at all. Another zone could be dedicated to relaxing. A garden swing or outdoor corner sofa with a table to place your coffee, wine, or cocktail as you sit out with a magazine!


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