Ways To Make Your Child Feel Loved

You want to make your child feel loved. You want them to know that they are safe and secure in this world. But how do you accomplish such a task? Well, there is no exact answer for every parent, but here are some ways you can show your love.


Regularly Tell Them You Love Them

The easiest and most important way to make your child feel loved is to tell them that you love them. This can be done in many different ways, such as saying it out loud when you’re together, sending them a text or email, writing it in a card or letter, or even posting it on social media. You could also take things one step further by expressing your love through actions, like cooking their favorite meal for them or taking them on a special outing. No matter how you do it, regularly telling your child that you love them will help them know that they are valued and appreciated.

Make Time For Them

Another way to show your child that you care about them is to make time for them. This can mean spending time playing with them, talking to them, or simply being there when they need you. Even if your child is older and spends a lot of their time in school, homework club, sports practice, etc., it’s important that you make at least some effort to connect with them regularly and give them attention when needed.

Surprise Them With Gifts

If you want to make your child feel loved, buy them gifts like unicorn pajamas. Even if it’s something small like a new pencil or candy bar, anything can brighten their day and keep them happy. If their special occasion is coming up, such as a birthday, anniversary of when you brought the child home from the hospital, or even Valentine’s Day, then show how much this means to you by buying that gift for them! It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but little thoughtful things say more than words ever could.

Give Them Encouragement And Support

Encouragement is something that many kids could benefit from, especially if family life can sometimes be tough or stressful for parents, which means their child may feel like the bad guy in some situations. However, encouraging your kid doesn’t mean bribing them to behave a certain way or allowing them to do whatever they want whenever they feel like it – what it does mean, though, is being open-minded about most things so long as no one gets hurt.

For example, even if you don’t agree with how someone else has chosen to live their lives, this doesn’t give you any right whatsoever to disrespect or mistreat others, but you can still encourage your child to be their best selves. Additionally, letting them know that you’re always there for them when they need you will help bolster their confidence and give them the courage to take on whatever life may throw at them.


In conclusion, there are plenty of ways to treat your child. Showing love is not always the most obvious way, but there are many things like playing with them and taking time out to listen to what they have to say.


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