Ways To Keep the Kids Busy During Winter Break

As the holiday season approaches and the year comes to a close, millions of children around the country are gearing up for the highly anticipated break from school. This is their time to relax before heading into the second half of their school year. Although winter break is far shorter than summer break, finding things for your child to do can still be tricky.

Allowing your child to twiddle their thumbs and use their creative mind to find something to do is always great. But let’s be real: they’re most likely going to play video games or watch TV all day if you let them. To help add structure, creativity, and family fun to their day, here are a few ways to keep the kids busy during winter break.

Create a Time Capsule

What a year it’s been! A special way to celebrate your kids for being themselves is by creating a time capsule. You can create a family time capsule or individual capsules filled with letters, toys, money, or other important items that would be interesting to rediscover. Spend time decorating the outside of your capsule, and make sure to add the opening date.

Whether you plan on opening the capsule when your child graduates high school or turns 21, your child will appreciate you doing this with them.

Have Daily Time for Arts and Crafts

Fostering art into your children’s lives while they’re young will help mold their creative thinking skills and imagination. Children can strengthen their skills to identify emotions and gain curiosity through the arts. For at least 15–20 minutes a day, your child should do something creative, whether writing, drawing, coloring, painting, or creating music.

If you have an unused outdoor shed, you can transform it into a playhouse and art studio for your kids! After you fix it up and childproof the space, your child can create arts and crafts all day, homing in on their skills.

Make a New Hit Song

Another way to keep your child busy during winter break is by investing in their creative skills and helping them create a hit song. If your child is big on music, this is a great way to show your support and help make something they will be proud of. Encourage your singer-songwriter to write a hit song and give them a helping hand in editing it in free audio software. Then, at the end of winter break, if your child is up for it, you can host an at-home concert!

Host an At-Home Fashion Show

Maison Margiela and Louis Vuitton ain’t got nothing on your child! If your kid loves clothes, shoes, accessories, or makeup, encourage them to showcase their work in this year’s at-home fashion show. Become a part-time model or creative director assistant by helping make this show come to life. Mix and match your PJs, gowns, boots, or favorite T-shirts; it’s their fashion world, and you’re just living in it.


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