Tips on Preparing for the Holiday Season as a New Parent

Parents, it’s almost the holiday season! You’re already putting together a Christmas wish list, planning trips with the baby, and telling your mom that you’ll bring an appetizer to the family party on Christmas Eve. While this is the merriest time of the year, it’s also stressful. Take some time to yourself, sit down for a while with tea, and read our tips on preparing for the holiday season as a new parent.

Start Your Own Family Traditions

Family traditions are something that all first-time parents love creating, even if it’s something small, like taking a picture in front of a snowman with your newborn. These customs are personal for you and your partner and something that develops and carries on with your children.

Start creating memories with your little family by deciding what you’d want to do to celebrate your first Christmas together. Maybe you could wear matching pajamas and watch movies or take a road trip to the in-laws. Whatever you choose to do, make it a happy tradition to do every year.

Pack the Baby’s Bag Early

December might as well be national travel month because everyone’s moving around, hoping they’ll be with family and friends for Christmas. Even with a hectic schedule, you need to plan accordingly. Keep the diaper bag stocked with essentials, like diapers, to make traveling with an infant stress-free. Make sure you pack the diaper bag early and often; you never know if you’ll run into a last-minute trip to see the in-laws.

Shop Early and Do Most of It Online

It’s so important to shop early. Avoid going to stores on Black Friday if your due date is around the holidays. Instead, do your shopping online. There are just as many online sales as in-store ones to browse in your downtime between feeding and changing the baby.

Encourage family and friends to send wish lists from their favorite retailers so that you can coordinate with others on what to buy for each person. Don’t forget to buy yourself something; you deserve it! If your baby’s due the following year, consider adding self-care presents to your Christmas wish list for you and your partner to enjoy after the baby arrives.

Set Boundaries, and Say “No” if You Feel Uncomfortable

This is a message parents need to hear: don’t be afraid to say no. Set boundaries, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for standing your ground. As a new parent, being assertive is daunting, but don’t let it intimidate you. The holidays are stressful, so don’t let family or friends make you feel bad for having boundaries.

Also, think about the limitations you’d want to set. This is probably the most important tip for new parents preparing for the holidays. If someone wants to hold your baby, tell them to wash their hands and give time limits. Let this holiday be enjoyable by standing your ground and preparing for the merry season early so that you have a stress-free first holiday as a family.


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