Tips For Setting Up A Functional & Stylish Home Office


You may find yourself working from home more these days with the spread of the Coronavirus. Working from home is a nice change of pace but can also be a challenge. You need to be very self-disciplined and concentrate so you can complete your tasks on time.

If you work from home often, then it makes sense to set up an office you can use. Apply the following tips during setup to ensure your home office is functional and stylish. You’ll love having a place you can call your own and where you can go to ensure peace and quiet and know you’ll be productive.

Choose A Dedicated Space

One tip for setting up a functional and stylish home office is to choose a dedicated space. You don’t want to be working all around the house or with your laptop on your lap. Be picky about where you set it up so that you’re happy with it in the end. For instance, you may not want to choose an attic that might be cold or space without a door you can shut. Instead, select a room in your home where you’ll feel comfortable and can close yourself off from any distractions when need be.

Consider Using it as A Guest Room Too

Your office will be more functional and practical when it serves a dual purpose. For instance, if you want space for guests to stay the night but don’t have any other options in your home, then consider using your office as a guest room too. Save space by installing a wallbed you can fold up and store when it’s not in use. You’ll love having the option of having someplace quiet to work and being able to offer guests a cozy and comfortable room to stay over.

Decorate & Organize the Space

Take the time to decorate and organize your home office as well. Put items away in storage bins or install shelving to help you remove any clutter. It’ll be much more stylish when you paint the walls a color that will help you to be more productive such as a calming shade of blue. Also, hang artwork or inspirational messages and have a few indoor plants placed around the room. Personalize your office, so it feels inviting to you, and you can focus and get your work done.

Pay Attention to the Lighting

The lighting in your home office is a key component when making it more functional and stylish. Ideally, you want to have different and several options for illuminating your space and the room on any given day. Why not consider some cool tech options for a more contemporary look, or mix and match different kinds of lighting for efficiency and comfort. For instance, have the main light fixture on a dimmer switch, a lamp on your desk, and a few scented candles spread throughout. Your home office will be brighter so you can see it, and it’ll feel a lot cozier too. The proper lighting will put less strain on your eyes and allow you to work even during winter when it’s dark outside for longer and the days are shorter.


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