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Three Ways To Foster Healthy Habits In Your Kids

Raising kids? That isn’t easy. What’s even harder is knowing whether you are doing it right. There are plenty of novels and manuals and giant tomes with things to do when it comes to raising children. You can walk into any bookshop and see guides about what to expect when it comes to different age groups, but there’s one issue: 

Not one child reads those books. Not one. They all just do their thing, and while you can stick to the safety research when it comes to their health and wellbeing, it’s going to take flying by the seat of your pants to instill some excellent habits in your kids. Whether you want them to learn the piano in 21 days or you want them to eat their greens, you can help them with their behavior as they grow. There are some uncomfortable truths involved with raising children, but once you’re aware of these, you can keep those habits nurtured and help your children to grow into healthy little humans. Let’s take a look at three ways you can foster healthy habits in your kids.


Look At Yourself

Children do what you do, not what you say, and while this is a good way to get them to learn the difference between what they’re allowed to do or not, it’s not going to help you! Children will mimic your behavior. If you’re playing piano in the house, they’ll watch and soak it up, wanting to learn from the magic leaking out of your fingers. If you want to foster a love of education in your children, then they need to see you achieve. Leading by example is important and you can apply that to everything that you want your children to learn.

Their Health Depends On You

In this tip, we’re not talking about their ability to catch and get over the flu. We mean their food and fitness. Children are busy bees; they run everywhere and they climb and you need to allow them to do that in appropriate spaces. However, if they see you sitting down with huge bowls of chips and dips every night, they’re going to think that this is normal and copy you. To ensure that your children have healthy eating habits, you need to emulate them. So, let them see you eating fruit salads for snacks and indulging in something sweetly delicious every so often. Let them see the balance on your plate and they will copy that. They rely on you to be healthy, so show them how.

Attitude Is Everything

Are you negative? Do you constantly put yourself and your abilities down in front of your kids? If so, it’s time to give yourself a shake. Children copy what you do. If they see your self-doubt and your negativity, or the “I can’t do it”, they’re going to do the same. If it’s okay for you to say it, it makes them okay to say it, too. Instead, let them see you achieve and do well, and they’ll walk in your footsteps.


Your children look to you for everything, and if you want to raise well-rounded human beings, you need to allow them to learn from you. Set them a good example, and those healthy habits will come.


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