Things You Wish You’d Known When Moving House


You’re moving onto the next chapter in your life, and it’s all fascinating to see your dreams come true. When moving all possessions and items, you’ve been collecting over the years can be overwhelming. The thought of something getting broken or dropped along with trying to unpack and find something like your cutlery is a worry.

Booking a removal company 

Firstly, to help lighten the load when moving, going through all the items you own and sending any unwanted or broken pieces to the tip. This will ensure that you are not moving anything for the sake of it. Once you’ve decluttered your home, looking into hiring state to state movers can assist you in moving your things safely and can save you from making multiple trips can take the weight off your shoulders, they can help carry and drive everything to your new location. They will have experience in carefully looking after and packing items, so they arrive in one piece. Communicating with hour movers will make it a lot easier for all of you, informing them of any heavier items like sofas, any restrictions like stairs, slopes, or narrow walkways as well as letting them know of your new place, whether there are elevators if you are moving into a flat or small doors so if there needs to be a second plan put into place for moving large items inside. 

Getting organized early

You can never start too early. Start by packing up the items that you don’t need before the move as soon as you can and organizing each category into a different box so if you need to find anything before or during the move you can find it easily. Printing off big labels for each box along with which room it is going into will also help you and the movers put the boxes into the right room. You will thank yourself when you are in your new place, and you need to find a lamp. 

Checklists will be your best friend when it comes to the big move to help you to keep track of all the boxes and items that are separate have made the journey and allocating them to the correct room. 


Everyone does it, but you’ll know about it when you forget to keep your essential items separate. Keeping one box full of essential items like toilet rolls, light bulbs, garbage bags, shower gel and a change of clothes. These are all things that can keep you going until you unpack your boxes, which can sometimes take a couple of weeks, so if you are unable to find specific items, then you will have them to hand.

You are organizing your services like gas, electric, wifi, and water so that they are completed before your move so that you can turn on lights, make a cup of tea. 


Moving house is a significant milestone in your life and can be very exciting. Taking these tips on board can help your move to be stress-free. 


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