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There’s Warmer Weather Coming…It’s Time To Get Dressed!

The summer is on its way, and you can feel it in how the clouds are clearing and you’ve got the thermostat turned down when the nighttime rolls around. And because of this, you know your style is going to have to change with the seasons!

So you know it’s going to get hot this year, and because of this, it’s time to lather on the sunscreen and get dressed in some light and airy clothes. Don’t worry, you’re going to look great! But if you need some more tips on how to do so, check out the list below.


Buy Something Cotton

Cotton is lightweight and breathable, and when it comes to keeping the sweat patches out of your underarms, it’s going to be the best material for you. Not to mention cotton is going to dry a lot faster than anything else, and you’re going to need that especially if you’re having to walk to work on a hot day or stuck in your hot car for a long time on your daily commute.

When you’re wearing a light material to keep yourself cool and without that sheen of sweat we hate to see in the mirror, we’re going to feel a lot more comfortable heading down to the beach on such a sunny day. Any kind of natural material is going to be best here, so try and shop with this in your conscious mind.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Crop Top!

Crop tops are wonderful for helping you to keep cool when you’re out and about, and they’re much more acceptable than a simple lace top or bralette when it comes to the general public. Of course, you wear what you want, but in professional circles (as we still have to work during the summer!), these pieces are going to be most frowned upon. So pick up a crop top instead, get some high waisted pants, and rock the streets you’re wandering down.

And even if you don’t like how a traditional crop top tends to look, don’t worry about it. You can buy an easy t-shirt with something interesting on the front, or take the most ill-fitting piece at the back of your wardrobe and then tie them at the waist. Check out these shirts for sale if you’re interested in this, as having something eye-catching on the front of your shirt can detract attention away from the belly you’re showing off if you’re a little not confident about it, but still don’t want to give up on it!

Wear Tights

A quick point to make. If you’re not comfortable with your legs, get some skin-colored tights and pop them on underneath your skirt or shorts. If it gets too hot, you can easily take them off, but they’re also very breathable at the same time.


Warmer weather means lighter clothing, so get yourself downtown and get shopping! This is your time to rock the beach body you actually already have.


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