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The Road To A Family Can Be Longer Than You Think

How difficult is it to get pregnant? This is a question that will always be on your mind when you are trying to have a baby. There’s a lot of information online about issues that can stop you from getting pregnant. But all you can really rely on is factual statistics. On average thirty percent of couples will succeed in getting pregnant through the first cycle or the first month. Sixty percent of couples succeed within the first three months, and eighty percent get pregnant in the first six months. That means that within one year of trying, there’s every chance that you will get pregnant. However, if it takes longer than the first eight months, there might be a problem. So, what should you do when you are trying and struggling to get pregnant?

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Are You Stressed?

Stress is known to be one of the reasons why people do struggle to get pregnant. Often, this can be due to the pressure of trying. You put to much pressure on your body to perform and indeed succeed in this goal that ultimately it fails. That’s why many couples choose to not even admit that they are trying. Instead, they just both agree to stop using birth control and essentially, let it happen naturally. It is a good way to keep stress levels under control.

You can also think about exercising regularly. Previously, it was believed that exercise would actually reduce the chances of pregnancy. We now know this is not the case and the right type of exercise can increase chances of pregnancy and also increase the likelihood of a healthy birth.

The Right Diet?

There is a lot of research to check out about the type of diet that you should be on when you’re trying to conceive. The latest evidence suggests that going gluten-free might give you the best chance of getting pregnant. If you do choose to make a diet change like this, remember to take it slowly. Cutting out foods that your body has been used to for years can be a total shock to the system. Losing massive parts of your diet can also be problematic if you don’t have a gluten-free meal plan in place. Luckily, there are lots of options online to consider.

Different Positions

Research has shown that various acts during sexual intercourse can make impregnation more likely. This includes different positions. Many people are firmly under the belief that missionary is the best way to conceive as this will let gravity do most of the work. However, this does assume that the women’s reproductive system is in a perfect position. Many women do not have the perfectly placed reproductive system, and this can make it more difficult to conceive regardless of the position you choose.

That said, one of the best positions is believed to be from the rear. The woman can use a pillow to lie on and get in the right position to provide the best point of entry.

Consulting The Experts

If you have been trying for a while and seen no luck, it might be best to consult an expert for guidance. Clinics can perform tests to check if there are any issues such as a low sperm count or a problem with the eggs. Often, after consulting with an expert, you will find that there are no medical issues and at this point, it is likely to be psychological. Again, you need to think about reducing your levels of stress and making the process as relaxing as possible.

However, it is also possible that tests will show there is an issue. Again, this could be anything from low mobility or a uterus that is inhospitable. Depending on the issue, there can still be options that will allow you to conceive.

Egg Donor

With an egg donor, you can use an egg from another female to conceive. People are often worried about the health of the eggs that are used here. However, becoming an egg donor isn’t something that anyone can do. You need to be healthy, a nonsmoker and you must be of a certain age. Weight and height may also be a factor. Due to this, you can be assured that there will be nothing wrong with the egg.

You may also be able to use a surrogate. With a surrogate, the embryos from your partner’s sperm and your eggs are put in a surrogate uterus so that they can give birth to your baby. It is an expensive process and one where the odds of success can be slim. However, it is a possibility if both you and your partner are unable to conceive naturally.

Sperm Donor

You can also think about using a sperm donor. In this case, the sperm of donor will be directly inserted into a woman’s womb through artificial insemination. Again, success rates can be low between ten and twenty percent for each cycle. That said, many couples do find success with this type of treatment.

Both options do require at least one partner to accept that the conceived child will not be genetically theirs. This can be challenging however it is important to remember that you will still, in every sense of the word, be their mother or father. You will be the one that raises them, teaches them to ride a bike and helps them grow up.

Others are worried that their children will one day seek out the donor. The number of children who seek out their birth parents when they are adopted is quite high at around seventy-five percent. Children seeking out sperm or egg donors is far lower and ultimately far more difficult. As such, while this should be a consideration, you shouldn’t let it stop you pursuing these possibilities.


We hope this sheds some light on steps you can take if you are struggling to conceive and the alternative possibilities available to you. Ultimately, the process of conception will be difficult for each couple. Some will get pregnant the first time they try, and others can get pregnant years later. There are cases where couples who have been told they are infertile have given birth naturally, so it is important not to lose hope.

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