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The Home Atmospheres That Cause Stress

The home should be the one place in the world where you can let your hair down and be relaxed. There’s no reason why you should be stressed just by being in your home. However psychologically that is exactly what could be happening to you right now. Maybe one room is just too stuffy, small and packed with a lot of stuff. This can make you feel cramped and claustrophobic without even knowing it. Another room could have a floor that’s always cold and if you’re barefoot this can make you tiptoe around. Again, this just accumulates into an annoying experience that makes us unrelaxed. You might have one room that looks bleak because the walls are painted in a dark color and even though you liked it at first when you’re sad or angry being in that room doesn’t make things better. These are the kinds of things that can turn the atmosphere in a home toward something you don’t want it to be. The home itself can cause you stress which is the total opposite of what you look for in a home in the first place.

Stylish but impractical?

Wooden flooring is very stylish, no one can deny that. It’s been used in some of the most prestigious and recognizable homes around the world. From palaces, manor houses, famous cottages, and even modern residential homes. Wooden flooring is, of course, something that many interior designers want, but even they admit that it’s impractical at times. Wooden flooring can turn very cold and stiff during the winter. Carpet floors are much nicer on your feet and they trap a lot of heat in them as well as bouncing heat off the floor to circulate around the home. Consider replacing your wooden flooring with carpet or if you have the money, implement heated flooring underneath the wooden boards.

Stuffy and used air

You can’t keep your windows open all the time. However, when you do open them you can immediately sense fresh air wafting into your rooms. Used and stuffy air is often breathed in as if it were the normal thing to do in a home. The truth is this is anything but because it can make you feel abnormally tired. Your muscles aren’t getting a fresh supply of oxygen and you’re essentially breathing in used air along with other gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Air conditioning helps to keep the home fresh but if you have an AC unit that is stuttering or simply not working as it should, you’re back at square one. Using residential ac repair, you have them on call 24-hours a day so no matter when you have doubts that your home isn’t getting fresh air, you can access their services. Breathing in the same air can also impede your judgment and make you more snappy towards other people so making a proper change will help you in ways you don’t realize.


Homes should massage away our stress not add to them. However cold flooring always gives us a shock in the morning when we forget to wear slippers. Carpet might be the more practical choice instead.


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