Tech Training Nonprofit Taps Mason Soiza for Outreach Program

There are few fields in which the next generation of workers is as integral as in technology (save for the medical and scientific fields). Every technological advancement somehow expands upon what the previous wave of innovators has accomplished, therefore making awareness vital to the tech industry.

Getting people interested in technology from a young age is one of the best ways to seed the next generation of workers, and it provides advantages for the youth as well as the industry as a whole. Those who have been acquainted with technology from a young age will be more likely to find work in the field due to their experience.

This is the driving philosophy behind a burgeoning tech nonprofit called Nova Tech Developments. We’ll cover everything you need to know about Nova Tech Developments, and we’ll also focus on their recent decision to bring in Mason Soiza for a promising new outreach program.

Nova Tech Developments

While we have managed to convey their goals so far, you may be wondering exactly how Nova Tech Developments goes about educating the next generation of tech workers. This company focuses on building an interest in technology from a young age using workshops and conventions.

Nova Tech Developments focuses their efforts on the field of SEO and web development, which is a field that is growing exponentially. Our growing worldwide reliance on technology means that the area of web development will see a high demand for skilled employees, and this nonprofit is playing their role.

Nova Tech Developments is mainly focused on providing the tools for success to those who don’t have them. By expanding the potential pool of employees, this company helps make the tech industry a more diverse place, but it also ensures that there will be a skilled workforce for a long time to come.

Who is Mason Soiza?

Mason Soiza has recently started working with Nova Tech Developments, and we’ll be taking a look at the details of his position in a moment, but let’s first establish who he is. While the field of web entrepreneurship promises high risks and high rewards, no one embodies it better than Mason Soiza.

At the young age of 24 years old, Mason Soiza has already made his fortune as an entrepreneur, and he is now using the skills he acquired to help others achieve the same level of success. Instead of keeping his secrets and success to himself, he has embarked upon a philanthropic journey to make the world a better place for everyone else.

While Mr. Soiza has established several nonprofits of his own, he is not against the idea of working with other initiatives to make the tech industry a more approachable place. This is why he has embarked upon this journey with Nova Tech Developments to expand the breadth and scope of their outreach program.

The Outreach Program

A new outreach program from Nova Tech Developments that is spearheaded by Mason Soiza is yet to be named, but it already promises to be the company’s most ambitious undertaking yet. This program will consist of Mr. Soiza going around the world and spreading tech awareness mixed with his personal advice as an entrepreneur.

While the program will mainly be aimed at young people, its content will help people of all ages use the internet to the best of their abilities so that they can bring their business goals to fruition. This massive tour promises to span the continents, with speaking engagements at major cities worldwide.

Mason Soiza has stated that he is honored to have been approached for this role, and he is taking it as seriously as he would when working with one of his own many nonprofits. He has gone on record saying that he will further any cause as long as it helps expand technological awareness for the youth.

A Hopeful Future

This new initiative promises to create a new generation of workers in the tech field who have the added bonus of entrepreneurial talent, thanks to the collaboration of Mason Soiza and Nova Tech Developments. The future of the tech field looks brighter and brighter thanks to the efforts of nonprofits such as these.

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