Stop Your Prized Possessions Getting Destroyed During A Move

Moving house can cost a lot of money. Something that means you will wish to avoid adding extra cost to this figure. Costs such as the price of having to replace valued items that are damaged in the move. That is why you need to know all the strategies there are that can help you protect your valuable and sentimental items. Read on for more information.

Use the right boxes

The first piece of the puzzle is ensuring that you pick the right boxes and materials to pack your items in. It can be very tempting to collect boxes from supermarkets, or even use black bin liners for fabric items in a pinch. However, this is always a bad idea because unless you have sturdy, rigid boxes that actually protect the contents inside you run this risk of damaging them.

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Luckily, many companies now offer moving box multipacks online, that contain a variety of different sized boxes. The best ones also contain moving plan information and labels to make sure everything super clear and super safe during the move.

Pick the best removal company

Next, the people that will be lifting, carrying, and loading those boxes also matter. That is why it is vital to employ the best removal company that you can afford. After, all you don’t want to trust just anyone with your most treasured things.

To help with this look for an AFRA accredited removalist for your house move. These are removal companies that have been accredited by the Australian Furniture Removalists Association. Something that means they follow a high code of practice and are insured just in case anything does happen to one of your most precious items.

Pack your items right

Remember too that the way you pack up the boxes ready for moving is vital in how well the contents fair. That means wrapping delicate items like China with tissue paper on the outside to protect them from rubbing against one another while packed. Also, don’t forget to include tissue paper on the inside of hollow pieces to reinforce their structure during the move. Something that will reduce the likelihood of breakages.

Clothes and shoes should be packed in suitcases if possible, or if not in suit bags that go in the car with you, rather than in with the general items. For larger treasured pieces like sofas and tables make sure to wrap them sufficiently with bubble wrap, as this will protect against scratches and dents while in the removal van.

Label your items clearly

Labelling items clearly can prevent unwanted accidents. Picture link

Last of all, another significant way that you can preserve your most prized possessions during a house move is to label them as clearly as possible. Use ‘This way up’ labels, fragile stickers, and glass stickers where appropriate. Also be sure to mark every side of the box as well as the top. Then the warnings can be seen from all angles and no matter who ends up loading and unloading them they will know to be as careful as possible.

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