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Shaker Kitchen Shakedown: Get The Country Trend At Home

If you have been anywhere near a home decor magazine in the last three years, you will know that Shaker, or simple country style kitchens are massively on trend right now. Especially, ones in pale or muted colors with a minimalist, rustic look. This style of kitchen, you will be pleased to hear is also pretty easy to achieve in your own home too. Just read the post below to find out how.

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It can be argued that cabinets are the most important part of the kitchen because they take up so much space. That means they contribute heavily to the ambiance and style that you create in the kitchen area.

With this in mind, for a shaker style kitchen, cabinets need to be wood or wood look and be made in a vertical plank and panel style. As mentioned above, to achieve the most stylish of Shaker kitchens it vital to pick the cabinets in a muted color scheme. Sage green is quite popular, as is a darker matt teal, or a light duck egg blue.


While they are not always the cheapest of purchases when designing a kitchen, getting the worktops to match the style is an essential part of the execution.

With regard to a shaker style kitchen, you may choose wooden chopping block style worktops that can be oiled to keep them hygienic and long-lasting. Alternatively, a granite worktop in color complementary to the cabinet is also an excellent choice. The latter is of special benefit to folks that do a lot of banking, as the constantly cool temperature of the granite keeps pastry from sticking even if rolled out directly on the worktop.


Belfast sinks such as the ones available from stores like The Tap Warehouse are really the only choice for a simple country style kitchen. They differ for the usual style kitchen sink because they are very deep and made from ceramic.

Also, they are fitted, so the front side sticks out slightly giving that rustic but decorative look that is so popular at the moment.


When it comes to floors in a Shaker style kitchen, there are quite a few choices to decide between. The first is a hardwood floor, and this can work exceptionally well because it gives that rustic natural look so desired in a country style kitchen.  

The second option is a tiled floor, often in terracotta, one that is incredibly easy to keep clean as all it needs is a regular sweep and an occasional wash.

Lastly, if you want to go for something that will finish off your kitchen perfectly then how about slate tiles? The grey of the slate looks particularly good again the muted colors of the cabinets, Although do be aware that such floors are often not fully even. Something that can make them hazardous for children or those with mobility issues.


Last, of all, don’t forget to include adequate storage in your Shaker style kitchen. You may do this by installing as many cabinets as possible.

Rustic open style shelves can make an attractive focal point in a country kitchen. Image

Although another option is to put up open shelves, on which you can store canned goods and dried food in jars. Something that makes both a practical and decorative solution that fits well with the simple country theme.

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  1. Rita Leonard
    December 13, 2017 at 10:23 am

    Love this look. I would love to redo our kitchen like this

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