Safety Is Fun: Keeping The Kids Safe While They Play

Every parent wants the very best for their kids. We all have different ideas of what that means, but it comes down to the fact that we want our children to be happy, healthy and safe. When it comes to playing outside in the yard, we all have a different way of doing that, too! Some of us love to sit out there with the kids and supervise their playtime. Others like to let the kids run riot outside while they get on with housework or other tasks. 

No matter what, safety is paramount. If you make the effort to put fences in your garden and a gate in the back, you are thinking about their safety. If you don’t want anyone standing under the flow of water that has backed up in the gutters, you install gutter guards to prevent the water from backing up in the first place. You check the roof twice a year so that the tiles don’t slide down and hit the kids while they play – because you care about their safety. Safety is a good thing as it allows both parents and children the chance to relax, so let’s check out how you can ensure that the kids are 100% okay while they’re outside playing.


  1. Hazard Checks. We’ve already talked about the importance of gutter guards and roof-checking, but you need to do a hazard check every time your kids want to play. Check for rogue glass bottles someone may have chucked over your fence and do a quick inspection around the house to make sure that nothing can fall from height. It’s all-important.
  2. The Right Shoes. If you are letting the kids play out in the yard, make sure that they are wearing the right footwear. Open sandals are probably not the best to run around in – these are a trip hazard. You want your children to be comfortable and sneakers are best for playtime!
  3. Helmets Or Nothing. If your kids want to be on scooters and bicycles, then you need to say yes – with the added caveat that they must wear helmets. The wrong fall and a head hitting the curb is enough to land your child in the hospital. Helmets are non-negotiable, which can be taught from an early age. You can keep your children safe while they enjoy themselves this way! 
  4. Layer Up. You don’t have to wait until the summer months to send the kids outside to play, but you do have to make sure that you dress them appropriately for the season that you are in. Make sure that your kids are wearing enough layers to protect them from the cold. If it is a blazing day, send them out smothered in sunscreen and with hats on. Sun safety is so important for children as much as it is for adults.

You are not going over the top by making sure your kids aren’t going to get hit by stray gutters. Be mindful of them in the outside world, and you will raise safety-conscious kids!


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