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Road Trip Survival: How To Entertain The Kids

Your kids will be climbing out of the sunroof with boredom if you don’t entertain them (image)

If you’re heading out on a road trip with your family, you are probably dreading those familiar phrases from your kids. You can probably guess what we mean, but just in case you don’t (in big bold letters to remind you like your kids invariably will) we are referring to…

I’m Bored!!!


Are We There Yet??

Now you know what we mean! Infuriating and tiresome, especially if you are trying to drive or have a nice long nap (if you’re not the designated driver). You need to entertain your kids, so as well as those other travel hacks we mentioned a while ago, here are some tips to keep your children’s boredom threshold at bay.

Technology is your friend

Too much tech is a bad thing, but there are ways to use it beyond the playing of video games and scrolling through Facebook. For example, you could:

  • Give your children a portable camera and ask them to take pics of interesting things they see outside.
  • Save their favorite YouTube videos onto an MP3 player using a youtube converter, and let your kids while away the time listening to them through their headphones.
  • Encourage them to use their smartphones or tablets for things other than games, and preinstall a set number of educational apps that will stimulate them on the journey.
  • Buy a portable DVD player and attach it to the back of your seat. There are loads of kids movies available, and they will make the time fly by for them, especially if you buy a complete box set of their favorite tv show.
  • Reading can make your children feel travel sick, but download some audio books onto their devices, and let them listen to their favorite stories instead.

Play travel games

Aside from the traditional I-Spy, there are a whole host of other games you can play with your kids. For example:

  • Travel scavenger hunt: Give your children a list of things they need to spot on the journey and encourage them to shout out every time they do, or to note them down on a whiteboard or a piece of paper.
  • Freeze Dance: Blast out the tunes on your car stereo, and in a similar vein to the popular party game, get them to dance (from a seated position) and pull faces while the music plays. When it stops, they have to freeze exactly as they are. The bonus here is that the kids will burn off some of their energy and may eventually sleep for part of the journey!
  • Who am I? Think of a famous person, and your children have to take turns trying to guess who you are. Pick somebody familiar to them – they may not all guess Florence Nightingale or Abraham Lincoln – and then take turns once the answer has been guessed.

Not only but also

You don’t have to play games or let your children use technology for the entirety of the journey. While in the car, make the most of the journey by chatting with each other and having some quality catch up time. Have a singalong as well, or tell each other jokes to while away the traveling time. Sometimes, the journey is the destination, and you may have more fun in the car than you do when you actually arrive at your chosen locale. We hope you have a great time, whatever you do!


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