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Privacy Please! Stop Neighbors Snooping In On Your Home

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It can be awkward, weird or downright concerning when you look out your home window to see someone staring in from outside. People who live in homes on main streets will know this issue all too well. How do you handle it? Do you knock on the window and tell them to go away or stop looking? You can, but they actually aren’t doing anything wrong, legally. Assuming they don’t linger, they’re perfectly free to peer into your home. What can you do about this problem? Well, there are a few ways you can get your privacy back.

Invest In Screener Trees

If you are constantly having the problem of people looking into your garden, you may want to think about investing in screener trees. Screener trees grow super fast and will ensure that you have the perfect way to block people peering over your fence. This is particularly useful if your house is overlooked, giving next door neighbors the high ground. The best thing about screener trees is that they are typically evergreen. That means, regardless of the season, you’ll still get the privacy that you have been craving for years.

You might think that screener trees are going to be expensive, but typically, that’s not the case. In fact, they should fit easily into a typical home renovation budget.

Use Layered Curtains

You may want to think about layered curtains particularly in your front rooms. By having layered curtains available from companies like Ming’s Living, you can have full control of who can and can not see into your home. You’ll be able to determine how much light you want to let in and ensure that you always have privacy. So, through the day, you could have the drape down, at night you can use a blind, and you can have a full curtain to add a beautifully layered aesthetic to your room.

Get One Sided Glass

While an expensive option, it is possible to get one-sided glass for your home windows. This lets the light in but doesn’t allow people to peek inside and instead keeps your privacy intact. The only issue with this is the price and the work to replace all the windows, but it might be worth it. It just depends on how much people looking in bothers you. Don’t forget that if people look in, they can see whether there is anything in your home worth stealing.

Invest In CCTV

Finally, if people are lingering outside your home, perhaps looking in, you might want to consider investing in a CCTV system. Nothing moves people on a little faster than knowing that they are in fact being recorded on film. However, do be careful here as in some places it’s actually illegal to record areas of the property that you don’t own. In other words the street outside your home. That said, there’s nothing stopping you putting up a CCTV camera and leaving it inactive. It will have the exact same effect, and if anyone does complain or threaten legal issues, you won’t need to worry.

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