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Pondering Pinterest: Dreamy Dressing Rooms!

When you’re interested in beauty and style, the idea of having your very own dressing room is incredibly appealing. And if you’re a Pinterest addict, chances are you’ve spent at least some time browsing the stunning designs for them that people have put together. Rooms lined with cupboards where clothes and accessories are beautifully displayed. A place for perfumes, shoes, bags, scarves, coats and all of the other gorgeous girly items we all own too many of. Not to mention a dressing table and makeup storage all organized- heaven! Even if like me you live in a tiny apartment in NYC, a girl can dream, right? Perhaps one day you’ll move to the suburbs and have more space than you know what to do with, and can get to work on creating a dreamy dressing room.

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Strip and Decorate The Room

One thing most Pinterest beauty and dressing rooms have in common is they feel light, bright and airy- even if they’re in fairly small rooms.  Wooden floors are another common feature and are good in a beauty room ads if you drop makeup or a bottle of nail polish, you can easily clean it up and don’t need to worry about ruining carpets.

Add The Wardrobes

Most Pinterest beauty rooms are styled by having open wardrobes around the perimeter of the room. This gives the benefit of tonnes of hanging and storage space, and with no doors, you can see where everything is and have easy access. These open wardrobes can actually be purchased from places like Ikea, but those with a bigger budget tend to opt for custom fitted units. For homeowners, taking out a bank loan to cover the cost would be worth it, if the beauty room was well used and loved. Other ways to hang clothes you can find on Pinterest is the use of freestanding hanging clothes rails. These can still look chic and would be an option if you didn’t have quite as much stuff to store!


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Find a Dressing Table

In many Pinterest dressing rooms you will also spot a dressing table, and how lovely would it be to have a place to sit to do your hair, makeup, skincare, and nails. A wood and style that matches the wardrobes and the size of the room help to keep everything coherent. Some designers really amp up the look and give it a more glamorous finish by using a mirror with lights around the edge, and a gorgeous padded chair instead of a standard stool.

Buy Great Storage

To really utilize the storage space and achieve that swoon-worthy Pinterest finish, in most cases additional storage items have been used. Pots for makeup brushes, drawer dividers, bins and baskets to categorize things. Hooks on the walls work well for things like scarves and necklaces

Finishing Touches

With any dressing or beauty room online you will see that it’s finished with gorgeous items that are unique to the individual. It could be ornaments, wall hangings, rugs, lamps and other bits and pieces that work with the theme.


What are your favorite things to browse for on Pinterest?

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