Packing For An Apartment Move In One Day

Moving house, whether you are buying a house in Texas or looking at 1 bedroom rentals near Orlando, is never fun and it usually means days and days of packing. But if you live in an apartment and you don’t have that much stuff, you can probably do it in one day, as long as you plan properly.


If you are running behind and you left everything to the last minute, here’s how you can pack your entire apartment in one single day.

Buy Your Supplies Early 

The last thing you want is to be running around the shops trying to find boxes and parcel tape in the morning when you should be packing. So, make sure that you buy your supplies early. Think about how many boxes you will need and then add a few more because most people underestimate how much stuff they have. Get everything ahead of time and keep it all organized, so when moving day comes, you can get up and start packing early.

Invest In Some Wardrobe Boxes 

Wardrobe boxes are a real lifesaver if you need to pack your apartment in a hurry. They have rails in so you can grab everything straight from the wardrobe and put it in the box, without having to take it off the hangers. This will save you so much time when you’re packing and it’ll also make life easier for you when you get to the new place and start unpacking.

Call In The Professionals 

If you want to get things done quickly, it’s best to call in some professional help. It’s likely that you are already using residential movers to get your stuff over to your new home. However, you should find a company that also provides a packing service. Expert movers will be able to pack valuables and large pieces of furniture quickly without risking any damage, so you can focus on throwing the rest of the stuff in boxes.

Label Everything 

Even though you are trying to do things quickly, it’s still important to stay organized, so make sure that you label every single box. If you don’t label boxes, you will have trouble when it comes time to put them in the van and fragile items can easily end up getting crushed underneath heavy boxes. You need to make sure that you have easy access to the essentials when you first arrive, so label these clearly and pack them last.

Plan For Problems 

There is always the chance that something will go wrong during a house move, especially when you are trying to do it all in one day. It’s important that you plan for the worst but hope for the best during your move. Make sure that you have all of the contact numbers for the estate agents at the new place in case there is a problem. You should also have a backup plan in case you can’t get everything finished in a single day, so look into storage options, etc.


Packing an entire apartment in a day is ambitious, but it can be done if you follow these steps.


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