Open Up Some Much-Needed Room In The Home

Feel like the walls are closing in on you? Or do you have trouble moving through the house without stubbing your toe or tripping over some clutter left in the way? Those are sure signs that you don’t have enough room for yourself in your home. Here, we’re going to look at how you can free up some space without having to go as far as to invest in a renovation or a finished basement.


Go for the minimalist appeal

If you feel like there’s too much junk getting in the way of your life, then it might be time to strip things right down. Take the time to identify what you really need and want in the home, and what you simply have there because you wanted to fill that space, whether it’s furniture, knick-knacks, or otherwise. You can find great multitasking furniture that helps you achieve the practicality of two (or more) pieces while only taking up the space of one, too.

Make better use of your storage

If your problem is that you don’t have enough space for all your stuff, then perhaps you don’t necessarily need more storage, you just need to use your storage better. For instance, start by asking yourself “how can I find a good closet organizer?” Organizing the space tends to open more of it up, so you’re not just lumping all your belongings together, you’re actually considering where it goes and keeping it nice and divided so you can fit more in there. A good quick tip is to have a small wicker hamper in every room so that you can pick up stray items at any time and put them inside to sort later.

Open it up

This isn’t a minor project, so you have to be ready for a little renovation and maybe even a little DIY, though you can easily hire a team to handle it for you. Can you knock down a wall in your home? This depends on what walls would allow for the most space and whether or not they’re a load-bearing wall, so don’t start knocking anything down willy-nilly just yet. However, you can open up a lot more space simply by getting rid of one divide between the living room and kitchen, for example.

Create the illusion of space

Perhaps your need for space isn’t too practical but, rather, something that affects the mood of the home from your perspective. To that end, you can boost the look of the home by ensuring that in every room, furniture is arranged to allow a throughline for traffic, that natural light is maximized using lighter window treatments, and that you’re adding mirrors and brighter colors to the wall that better allow light to move through the room. These little visual tricks can make a room look a lot more spacious than it is.


If the tips above aren’t enough to free up some much-needed space in the home, then perhaps you do need to look at a more extensive renovation or extension. Otherwise, find the little ways to give yourself a lot of space.


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