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Oops! Quick Fixes For Home Breakages

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We can all have little accidents around the home but sometimes they can result in some big breakages. For instance, you might trip into your coffee table and end up cracking a leg. You might find that spilling a drink onto a table will permanently stain the wood. This can be very annoying indeed, and it could also prove to be very costly for you. After all, you might resort to replacing the piece of furniture that you accidentally broke.

Can’t afford to buy a new item? Don’t worry; that isn’t your only option. You could always have a go at repairing it yourself. This will work out a lot cheaper and will prevent you from having to say bye to a piece of furniture that is close to your heart. So, ready to get fixing? Here are some tips.

Always Keep Spare Nails And Screws

Whenever you buy any furniture that you need to assemble yourself, you will usually be given a lot more nails and screws that what you actually need. If you are lucky, you might even be given a spare Allen key. Ideally, you need to keep all of the spares that you do not use and store them somewhere safe. That way, if you ever need to replace any screws and nails in the furniture item, you can easily and quickly do so. And you won’t have to nip out to the shop to buy some more!

Fill Cracks In Wood

It can be ever so annoying when you accidentally end up scratching or cracking your wooden furniture. You might think that only softwoods would end up with these little nicks, but even hardwood can end up affected by scratches too. Thankfully, there is a way to repair this. You just need to check out the CTI Supply and buy some of the putty sticks. Make sure you buy ones that are in the same color as the item you need to repair. You simply rub some of the putty onto the cracks and they will instantly fill up and will no longer be noticeable.

Use Baking Soda For Stains

There are lots of liquids that could easily stain your worktops and surfaces, especially those that are made out of wood. Don’t worry if you do knock over some tea or coffee and find that it leaves a mark – you just need to reach for the baking soda! Make a solution of one part baking soda and three parts warm water. Mix this up and then apply it to the stain. Leave it on for a few minutes before wiping off. You should notice that the stain disappears! Vinegar is another great stain remover as well. This can also be mixed with fresh, warm water, and will remove most stains when rubbed into them. Simply rinse off the vinegar solution afterward so you aren’t left with a vinegary smell in your home!


Hopefully, all of the above quick fixes will help you repair any small damages to your home!


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