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No Kids Allowed: Three Areas In Your Home You Should Keep Kid-Free

The idea of forbidding kids from any part of the family home isn’t pleasant. After all, this is their space too. But, there’s no getting around the fact that some areas simply aren’t safe for little people. As such, giving kids free reign could do more harm than good. That’s  especially the case if they get their hands on things they shouldn’t.

In truth, these ‘danger’ areas vary from household to household. You may have a workshop you want to keep out of bounds or a home-gym with extensive equipment. Things like these depend on your lifestyle. It’s down to you to decide what is and isn’t appropriate for your children. But, there are three areas in the majority of homes which should be definite no-go zones. And, we’re going to look at what they are.

Your bedroom

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Few parents think of keeping their bedroom as a kid-free zone. After all, there’s unlikely to be a load of dangerous equipment. But, rest easy that there are still plenty of things your kids could get up to. Even your makeup could prove a draw. And, there’s a more pressing reason to keep things private here. It’s likely your kids take over your house the moment they get home. Keeping your bedroom kid-free can help you keep your sanity. At times, it may be the one place where there aren’t toys on the floor or cartoons on the television. Never underestimate how important that is for your happiness and health.

The garage

Now, we’re onto the hazardous areas. If your kids make their way into your garage, there’s a significant risk of an accident happening. This is where you keep the heavy machinery and dangerous tools.Even in a garage dedicated to car storage, there are risks involved. You certainly don’t want to leave young kids alone around an exhaust pipe. So, the garage should be a no-compromise kid-free zone. Make sure there’s no option of them gaining access by heading to sites like http://www.prestigegaragedoors.com.au/ and investing in a secure door they can’t get through. Make sure, as well,  to close and secure that door anytime you’re not close by. It only takes a second for a hammer to fall, or a saw to do its damage.

The attic

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Another area you may want to keep kids away from is your attic. In all honesty, it is possible to bring this into the home through renovation. And, if you follow steps like those found at https://www.homedesigndirectory.com.au/, there’s no reason your kids can’t make use of it, too. But, if your attic isn’t renovated, it becomes a real danger zone. For one, the ladder leading up is likely unsteady and a danger in itself. Even if your kids climb that safely, the foundations may not be stable. Your kids won’t know to watch where they step. And, of course, there’s the danger of all the stuff you keep there, too. So, keep that trap door shut, and that ladder well out of reach!

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