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Do You Need To Panic Leaving Your Home Alone?

If you’re going away on a travel adventure or just a vacation, you might be worried about leaving your home, alone and unprotected. But do you need to? If there a danger here? Well, it does depend on how long you’re going away for. The longer you leave your home empty, the more vulnerable it is and the more measures you have to consider. As well as this, you need to ensure that you are protected if anything does go wrong with your home while you are away. Let’s start by thinking about something that is fairly basic.

Is Your Home Secure?

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There are various ways to add extra security to your home and give you a little more peace of mind when you are away from home. One of the options is to make sure that there is an alarm in place. There are different types of alarms that you can get for your home, so you just need to find the one that is most suitable for you. A silent alarm can help you catch burglars when they are inside your home. Or, a loud enough alarm can scare them off before they get their hands on any of your valuable possessions.

Be aware that it’s not just about what happens once they break in or even about making sure that when they try, they fail. It’s about doing what you can to ensure they don’t even attempt a break in. You can do this with timer switches ensuring the lights go off and on in the home at the right time. By doing this, you can make it look like someone is still inside.

Is Your Home Covered?

You might also want to think about whether your home is protected from damage. Be aware that it’s not just a theft that can hit your home while you are away. You also need to think about the possibility of weather damaging your home, leaving it vulnerable. Are natural disasters covered by homeowners insurance? Some insurance companies do, and others don’t. You don’t want to get back from a long travel trip and find that your home has been damaged in a storm and you can’t get the money you need to repair it. Even if you have a great trip, that will put a dampener on your mood. So, do speak to your insurance company before you leave. Find out what you are covered for whether it’s theft or a case of terrible weather.

Can You Get Someone To watch Your Home?

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You may want to ask a family member or a neighbor to check in on your home occasionally and make sure that you know someone is keeping an eye on it. That way, any issues with weather damage or even a theft will be noticed quickly and can be dealt with even while you’re still away. Or, again someone stopping by who has the keys could just make your home look lived in. It’s not uncommon for thieves to scope out a house for a couple of weeks before breaking in.


The answer then is no; you don’t need to panic leaving your home alone, as long as you take these issues and factors into consideration.

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