Must-Know Tips for Dressing a Baby for Cold Weather

Regulating your baby’s body temperature will help keep your little one safe and comfortable. On cold days, the appropriate clothes make a big difference in keeping your baby warm. Learn the must-know tips for dressing a baby for cold weather.

Dress in Layers

Layer your baby’s clothing to help trap heat better. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends dressing your baby in one more layer of clothing than you would wear in the same situation.

Layering makes it easier for you to adapt your baby’s outfit for the conditions. And on a fun note, layers also make it easy for you to dress your baby in the colors of the season, which is one of the top fall trends for baby fashion. Consider coordinating your baby’s long-sleeved shirt, pants, and coat with autumnal colors like cranberry red, golden orange, or foggy gray.

Cover From Head to Toe

The next must-know tip for dressing your baby for cold weather is to cover them from head to toe. Your baby’s fingers, toes, and head will need special attention as these areas are more prone to cold exposure.

Heavy socks, waterproof footwear, mittens, and a beanie can protect your baby from the elements. Make sure all items have a snug fit and stay securely on your baby. 

Remove Cold Weather Clothes When Inside

You are the best temperature regulator your baby has. When your little one comes in from the cold, remove their cold-weather layers immediately—do this even if they’re sleeping.

It’s possible to over-bundle your baby and cause them to overheat. And while you might place a blanket in your baby’s stroller while you’re outside, be sure to remove the blanket once you’re back inside.

To best protect your little one from the elements, dress them in layers and cover them from head to toe. Once you’re inside, don’t forget to immediately remove their cold weather clothes as extra layers in a warm room can cause your baby to overheat. Always be aware and adjust your baby’s clothes as needed to keep them comfortable.


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