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Motherhood Can Literally Be A Full-time Job

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What if you could be paid to be a mum? From pregnancy to childcare, motherhood is a huge learning curve, helping you to develop all kinds of new skills. Being a mother can become some people’s natural calling and going back to the working world can seem daunting. However, there could be a form of paid employment out there that relies on these motherly skills. Here are just a few examples of jobs that could be a continuation of your role as a parent.

Work in childcare

There are lots of jobs that involve working with children. Whilst the likes of teaching requires a formal education and training, there are many jobs that require few qualifications if any.

Pre-school work can be ideal for those that have a tolerance for toddlers. You’ll likely have to work as a nursery assistant and work your way up to being a supervisor. There are all kinds of nurseries out there from private services to community and charity run programmes.

Child-minding is another great job that requires no formal training at all. This involves looking after kids whilst their parents are at work. The kids can come round your house, or you can come and babysit around theirs.

There are also play-worker roles to consider. This could involve supervising kids at a day-care center over the summer holidays. It may alternatively include supervising kids playing in the playground at school. Some of these roles may require training, but your basic parental skills are sure to come in use.

Consider midwifery

If you love newborn babies and would love to be involved in bringing new life into the world, why not consider becoming a midwife? This job does require taking some form of higher education and an interest in biology. Having been through pregnancy and childbirth, you’ll likely have vital skills to offer those going through the birth.

There are all kinds of jobs within maternity to consider too such as newborn screening hearing, maternity support work and neonatal nursing, some of which don’t require a formal education and may be more baby-oriented.

Become a surrogate mum

For those that have been through childbirth before, becoming a surrogate could be worth considering. This involves carrying a child for those that have fertility problems that cannot have children themselves, giving them the chance to become parents. You may have to go through various health tests to become a surrogate mum and may have to abide by stricter health rules during the pregnancy than you would carrying your own child.

Host parenting lessons

New parents pay good money to take part in parenting classes and learn skills such as nappy-changing, feeding, and tips for settling the baby at bedtime. You’ll usually need some formal training to become a parenting coach, after which you may need to get some voluntary experience first to build up a reputation.

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