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Making Your Home Easy to Clean


When you’ve got kids, keeping your home tidy can seem like an impossible task. While you are busy cleaning the kitchen, they are happily destroying the living room. If they’re slightly older, their bedrooms might resemble the scene of a heavy-handed burglary and explaining to them why they should keep it tidy might feel like banging your head against a brick wall. Whether you are a working mom, or you stay at home, finding the time to keep your home tidy can be difficult, and even when you do it barely seems worth it.

To an extent, this is fine. When you’ve got kids, it’s totally ok to let your standards slide a little to keep everyone happy. Who is it really hurting if there are a few toys on the floor as long as everyone is happy and healthy, and your stress levels are under control? But, there is a difference between tidy and clean. A little mess is ok, but you still want your home to be clean, hygienic and germ-free. Here are some tips to help you make it easier to keep clean.


One of the easiest ways to make sure your home is easier to keep clean is having a good declutter. Yes, a bit of clutter is fine, homely even, but too much and it becomes a trap for dust, dirt, and germs or even critters. How often do you empty your bookshelves and clean behind them? How often do you move DVDs out to get rid of the dust that’s gathered in the dark corners of your shelves? Rarely I bet. Things that get used a lot get cleaned. Those things that are just sitting in drawers or on shelves never get cleaned. Declutter so that there is less to worry about.

Keep Your Appliances in Good Condition

We expect a lot from our appliances. A family with young children probably uses the washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher at least once a day. The vacuum cleaner gets a good work out at least once a week, sometimes multiple times a day. Over time, they become dirty and damaged and stop working at their best. Appliances can be expensive to replace, so instead find a good dryer repair service to keep your appliances working their best and help them to last longer.

Get the Kids Involved

Even young children can help with cleaning. Let them follow you around with a cloth, singing, dancing and having fun with you. Then, as they get older set them their own tasks that they are responsible for.

Easy Storage

Children will never clean up if it’s hard. So, make it easy. Check out some fun kids storage ideas, adding wheels and keeping things low so that they are easily accessible.

Hire a Cleaner

Have you ever heard the phrase “you either pay with your time or your money”? If you do something yourself, it costs you in time. If you really hate cleaning and you can afford it, why not hire an Airbnb turnaround cleaning service to come in for just a couple of hours once a month to tackle the bigger jobs? You’ll save yourself time and stress!


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