Make Your Kitchen More Kid-Friendly


Want to make your kitchen a safe and social environment for all the family? Here are several improvements that you can make to your kitchen to make it a more child-friendly space.

Consider cupboard locks

If you have infants or toddlers, cupboard locks can be worth investing in. These are locks that can be placed on your cupboard doors to prevent your kids from going inside and pulling out contents that could be dangerous or fragile. This can sometimes be an easier solution than having to relocate hazardous items out of reach in higher cabinets. Cupboard locks are also sometimes used to prevent dogs and cats from climbing into cupboards.

Be wary of countertop dangers

Once children reach a certain height they may be able to reach items on the kitchen countertop. You should be careful of leaving pots on hobs with a handle protruding outwards that an infant or toddler may be able to grab. In such cases, it is much safer to position handles to the side. As for items like knife blocks, these should be positioned far away from the edge of the countertop.

Secure your refrigerator

Young kids have been known to pull freestanding refrigerators over and get brushed. Securing your refrigerator to the wall could prevent it from being a danger. This could be done simply using a bracket or a rope to keep it secure.

Buy some kids’ cooking equipment

A kitchen can be a place to cook as a family. In fact, you can teach your kids to cook young by buying them some of their own cooking equipment. This can help to develop a positive relationship with cooking early. Many kids love baking and so this can often be a great form of cooking to try. You could try making cakes, brownies or cookies. There are kids’ baking kits on the market that you can buy to encourage kids to get involved.

Have fun with fridge magnets

The refrigerator can be a fun place for playing with magnets. Alphabet magnets can be useful for helping kids with spelling. With the help of a word scrambler, you could even find ways to write messages using these magnets. Other ways to use fridge magnets could involve using them to hang up drawings and photos on the fridge. The refrigerator door could become a place for storing memories.

Set up a play corner

If you have enough space in your kitchen, you may be able to set up a small play corner. This could be useful for monitoring young kids while doing the cooking or washing up. There are lots of different toys that you can consider for this play corner including a miniature toy kitchen equipment so that kids can play along. You could even set up a playpen for infants to stop them from crawling off. 


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