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Maintaining Your Oak Furniture

Oak is a popular choice for furniture because of the rustic, traditional, and warming appearance it possesses. It is also a very durable and hardwearing material as well, which means it is often a popular choice for secondhand Furniture Bank stores. But don’t let this fool you. Just because oak can last for many years does not mean that you shouldn’t be looking after it. You should care for your oak furniture so that it always maintains the same beauty it had when you first bought it. This article will reveal how to look after your oak furniture specifically. After all, when you are watching TV you want to see a beautiful unit staring back at you too.


First and foremost, you need quality oak to begin with, and this website can help with that, and then you need to carry out the standard cleaning methods. Every week make sure you take the opportunity to get rid of all of the dirt from your furniture. It can be annoying but make sure you take the TV off of the unit and clean all areas. A lot of people tend to use all purposes cleaners when tackling the dirt on their oak furniture. However, you will actually see better results if you simply mix water with a mild soap. Use a damp cloth and go around the unit with this cleaning liquid instead.

If you take a look online then you will be able to find some polishes as well. These are great and you will see that some have been designed for the use of oak specifically – this is even better. Nevertheless, one small tip is that you should never put the polish directly onto your TV unit. Make sure you put it on your cloth and then rub it onto your oak. If you do it via the unadvisable method then you will end up with spotting all over the wood.

In addition to the tips already mentioned it is recommended that you have good furniture oil handy as well. A lot of people believe oil does the same job as polish, but this is not true. Polish helps to bring the beauty out of the wood, whilst oil helps to protect the oak. This is because the oil creates a layer that is moisture resistant and it also helps to ensure that the wood does not crack. Considering the fact your oak furniture is at the center of this, oiling it once a month is probably the best option. Furniture that is frequently used requires more care, however, because your unit houses your TV it is very unlikely that you move it around a lot or anything like that.

Aside from doing all of the necessary cleaning, you should also avoid doing certain things. After all, there are circumstances that can affect the beauty of your oak furniture. If something is spilled or a stain occurs then deal with it immediately – it will only get worse. Don’t use particularly strong cleaning products on wood. And finally, if you notice your satellite television box is starting to get quite hot then take it off of the unit and put it on the floor. The heat will damage the oak.


If you use the tips given in this article then you should have no issue ensuring that your oak TV unit looks beautiful at all times. Clean it regularly, go easy on your choice of cleaner, and give it good oiling once a month – as easy as that.


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