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Luxury Renovations Your Bedroom Deserves


You and your bedroom go through a lot together – and it can be a hard journey sometimes, with repairs, breakages, DIY fails, it all mounts up to annoy you and, probably, your room too. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself by treating your home to a bit of luxury. The do it yourself attitude is great, but if you don’t quite know what you’re doing you can often find that the resulting product or adjustment isn’t up to par and you end up replacing it sooner rather than later anyway.

New furniture

Go shopping for furniture that will best represent the room. Use the lighting to open up space and consider what the central focus is in the room. For a bedroom that is often the bed itself, wherein the living room, but you can draw the eye with a stunning mirror or motif.  If you want some advice or inspiration, look into luxury interior design, but the general thing to look out for is whether the piece of furniture matches the size of the space while completing your needs. There’s no point investing in a beautiful dressing table, to then need to plonk a massive chest of drawers next to it.


Sometimes a lick of paint is all a room needs to make it look and feel brand new again. But if you’re not that great at it, hire someone else to do it. If you have the money, there is no harm in hiring a local decorator to come in and do the job for you. This way you are supporting a local business, while also knowing that the job will be well done and probably a heck of a lot better than what you would have done.

The accessories

When furnishing any room your job isn’t complete without accessories. And in the bedroom, you have full license to go big and as soft as you want. Throw cushions are amazing – yes you might end up chucking them on the floor at night, but during the day they look amazing and feel fantastic as you lay back and relax. Throws do the same thing – mix it up through the seasons with cotton and cashmere throws and thick knit blankets. If you have a small bedroom then double the space with a large mirror situated opposite your window and swap out those heavy curtains for floaty ones – or get rid of them all together in favor of some wooden blinds.


Lighting can change the mood of a room immediately. Installing spotlights help to light up the corners and make a room feel instantly bigger. By combining those spotlights with a dimmer you can change the room from ‘here I am!’ to ‘sweet sweet slumber’. You can even control your lighting through tech and apps like Amazon Echo.

Your bedroom should be a relaxing space that you can retreat to away from the rest of the world; so investing in it is the same as investing in yourself.


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