Living In Brisbane: Why Your Kids Will Love It


Brisbane has everything and a little more if that is at all possible, and for kids, Brisbane is a dream destination for a holiday and heaven if you are lucky enough to live in this sun-drenched city. The capital city of Queensland, Brisbane has a sub-tropical climate and never gets cold, and whether you are a 5 or an 85-year old, warm and pleasant weather is so nice. As the third most populous city in Australia, there are an estimated 2 million people living in the metropolitan area, and a large portion is families with young children.

Parks & Playgrounds

Every child loves to explore parks and playgrounds and Brisbane has more than its fair share of scenic parks and grassy play areas. Almost every suburb will have several playgrounds with modern amenities, clean toilets and some great shady places to hang out surrounded by natural beauty. If you are soon to be house hunting, River City Conveyancing based in Brisbane has a wealth of experience with Brisbane real estate.

Stunning Beaches

Another big draw for the young ones, and to have miles of great beaches on your doorstep is very much appreciated. While there are some very busy beaches, you can easily find a quiet cove when you can enjoy some privacy, and all forms of water sports are catered for. Property is never going to be cheap in Brisbane, and by talking to a local Conveyancing company, you can start to look at properties.

The Cultural Centre Of Australia

Perfect for the young and enquiring mind, Brisbane is the cultural capital of the country, where your kids can enjoy live performances and there’s no shortage of museums and art galleries. Educational day trips provide a wonderful learning experience for children of all ages, and you’ll never be short of ideas for exciting educational day trips living in Brisbane.

Brisbane Schools

Schools in Brisbane make the best use of the outdoors, and most adopt a project-based curriculum, which really does develop critical thinking, and the subject matter is presented in an interesting way. Most schools in Brisbane would take their students on day outings a few times per term, and they have impressive academic achievements, so they know what they are doing when it comes to learning.



Brisbane is very much a sporty city, and with all the major sports represented, including many water sports, your kids can develop their passion, and who knows, they might turn pro one day. It most certainly is an outdoor life in Queensland, and Brisbane has much to offer the active person. Netball, football, and cricket are all very popular sports, with schools that specialize in specific sports, where gifted children can really follow their passion.

Theme Parks

You are within driving distance of Dreamworld, Movie World and Sea World, all of which are world class and a must for every family. If you are into natural beauty, then take the family and head over inland where you can have great picnics while enjoying stunning surroundings.


Once you have found the right property, you can start looking at suitable schools and plan the relocation to a paradise city like sunny Brisbane.


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