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Little Touches That Last A Lifetime: Creating Lasting Memories Of Your Baby’s Early Years


On the face of it, a happy family unit spends quality time together. When you’ve got a young baby, it is natural that you want to be together as a proper family. And while you will have so many fond memories to look back on in the future, are there ways for you to create some fantastic lasting memories of your baby’s early years?


No doubt you are taking a million pictures already, but if you want to add that extra layer of professionalism, a professional baby photographer is a great idea, so you can get some proper canvas pictures of your family together. The great thing about these professional photographers is that they capture you in action, and get great pictures of you, even if you feel you’re not looking so good. It’s a wonderful little memory to have as your baby grows older, and they aren’t so much for the baby anymore. It’s a nice reminder of simpler times.

A time capsule

We change so much, and this is doubly so for your baby. Think about getting a little box together of their medical bracelets, their first tooth, a lock of hair, and so forth. A time capsule is a wonderful thing to look back on, and it’s going to transport you directly to those little moments when your baby was literally so little. What do you could do is seal this time capsule and don’t open it again until they turn 18. You will see how much your baby has changed and blossomed into a young adult.

Events and activities

We can all feel guilty that we don’t take our children out enough, especially during those first couple of months where you are functioning on very little sleep. But taking them out to activities where they can bond with other babies, or you can enjoy your time together as a family, is vital. Taking them to baby yoga might not be something that appeals to you, so instead, take them to the beach, or take them to the park. You’ve got so many different things to do, that doesn’t have to cost any money, and you can get some fantastic photos while you are there.

Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to show the development of your baby. From using a casting kit to make a footprint or handprints, it is a lovely little gift for grandparents, but it’s a lovely reminder of how small your baby used to be. Another handy little idea is to make a quilt. If you can’t bear to part with their onesies, take all their old blankets and clothes, and sew together a quilt. The memories are all there, and it’s something you can give to them when they are older, like an heirloom.


Creating lasting memories of your baby’s early years is easier nowadays, with Instagram and the like, but if you’re really looking for the deep and meaningful memories, you don’t have to go down the social media route. Instead, go for the little touches that will last a lifetime.


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