Kitchen Renovation Done Right — Here’s What It Looks Like



Home renovation — now there are two words that either energize or exhaust the listener. There’s no in-between. However, it can be quite fun if you have a budget and precisely know the goals you want to achieve. But that doesn’t mean that even the most thorough planners can’t get lost in the mix. Keep in mind, too, that some rooms will be a bit harder to fix up than others.

Kitchens are no exception.

So you want to renovate your kitchen?

First off, best of luck! Home renovation is quite an undertaking. As overwhelming as any home renovation can be–especially for spaces as complicated as kitchens–we’re bringing you some essential reno tips that experts insist on following. These suggestions can save you time and money and also keep your sanity in check.

Reno experts agree that you should go about refurbishing your kitchen up in a specific order. With that being said, get your electrical wiring in order before anything else. Not only will you be able to fix any potential dangers, but you’ll also stop small problems from turning into more significant, more expensive problems in the future. Also, this is one part of the process where you’ll want to hire a professional to take care of everything. Messing around with wiring can seriously injure you if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Next comes the plumbing.

It makes sense that you should get the “insides” of your kitchen sorted out before you add the shiny, pretty stuff. Following that logic, your next challenge is the pipes. Like the wiring, only a pro will be able to get this job done safely and efficiently. While the upfront costs for this kind of work might make you wince, consider it an investment in your home; you could save thousands of dollars from future damages. The only thing worse than messing up a home renovation project is messing it up with empty pockets. Work smart and not hard, my friends.

After you get your wiring and plumbing in order, focus on the walls, ceilings, and floors. This step entails knocking down or building any new walls, elevating or lowering ceilings, and installing new floors. This part of the process is a more manageable task for DIY home renovators. However, given the amount of work it takes, it’s wise to enlist some help to cut down on time needed to complete it.

So you’ve got the dirty work out of the way now. Hooray! Now comes the fun part: designing your kitchen and choosing the materials and surfaces. This part is when you install your cabinets, countertops, and plumbing fixtures. Interestingly, most renovators spend much more time than you’d think when choosing their plumbing fixtures. Experts reason that it’s because a lot of action happens in the sink: cleaning, washing, spraying, etc. Naturally, you’ll want a powerful fixture that includes multiple water pressure options, a powerful spray nozzle, and quick to adjust the water temperature. Check out the top picks for kitchen faucets at the Cookroom Kitchen today to choose the best kitchen faucet for your home reno project.


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