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Keeping Your Kids Safe On The Internet

Do you use the internet a lot? Are you always keeping yourself updated on social media? And are you always aware of what’s going on in the world because of news app updates? Well, your kids are too, and they might be up to a few things that could turn out dangerous.

The internet can be found in about 90% of households around the country, and because of that, it’s going to be a huge presence in your children’s lives. Even your parents, born in the age of the invention of the microwave, are seeing the use of it. But the internet can be a bit of a risky place, and that means you need to school your kids on how to stay safe and happy whenever they’re online. So here’s a couple of the best tips to get you started.

Kids don’t just use books and crayons; they’re going to be using a computer at least twice a week – teach them how to stay safe. (Image Source)

Make Sure They Know What Information to Follow

Teaching kids right from wrong is something we naturally do as they grow up. They learn from our actions most of all, and like to copy what we do and say amongst their friends and other adults they come into contact with.

But with the invention of the internet, and all of its shady schemes and questionable information sources, you’re going to have to sit down in front of the computer with your child and show them who to trust. Remind them that if they’re unsure about anything, they’re always safe to come and tell you.

And don’t worry, this is getting easier and easier, seeing as most learning institutes are putting their courses and resources on the internet for the world to find and see. And when there are degree programs out there like an online masters in supply chain management, you know your kid won’t be running into any false ends or shady influencers on a regular basis!

Know What They Share on Social Media

We don’t ever want to police what our kids are getting up to; it’s the quickest way for their trust in us to be destroyed, after all. But if your child has an active social media presence, and you’re worried about how much they update their status or post pictures of themselves, make sure you know what content is going online.

Strike up regular conversations about it, and always make sure you’re coming off calm and friendly – kids know when they’re in trouble because of the tone you use! Make sure they know what privacy settings they should have on, and never to accept a friend request from someone they don’t know. And encourage anonymity in their biography or about me page. Honestly, the sillier a description is, the better!


Keeping your children safe on the internet is easier than you think, as long as you can always be open with each other about it. Stay safe out there!


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