Keeping Young Children Occupied And Embracing It

It’s no easy task bringing up young children. If you aren’t tired from disrupted sleep, then you may certainly be frustrated by the masses of energy they have. While raising a child is a blessing it can be hard work. Especially when it feels like they need constant stimulation or things to do. It’s easy to run out of ideas quickly. With that in mind, here are some fun things you can do with your toddlers and young children to keep them entertained. The best advice is to try and plan your days and weeks the best you can. That way everyone knows what to expect and you will always have something up your sleeve. 


Toddler groups

Taking your little ones to organized toddler events and groups is beneficial in a few ways. Not only does it give your child the chance to socialize with children their age but it also gives you the chance to get out of the house. Sometimes you can get stuck in a routine, but knowing you have places to be can lift your spirits and keep you going. You may also meet like-minded parents which could be a great thing for you too. You could go to local church soft plays, organized craft and singing events or attend a play gym. Play gym fun for toddlers can not only let them use up some of their energy, but it can be great for hand-eye coordination. 


Baking is a messy activity but children love to be involved. They can do simple tasks like stirring, adding ingredients to the bowl and even measuring. It’s a great chance to help teach numbers and other instructions. You could start with biscuits and cookies and use cookie decorating stencils to help children be more involved. You could then get creative and make a healthier bake which may encourage your children to try new foods or get some hidden vegetables into their diet. Getting them involved will always help with their eating habits. 


Why do little ones like creating messes? I don’t think we’ll ever know the answer to that. But a fun way to get their creative juices flowing is through painting. This can be done with their fingers and hands or using a brush. Even vegetables can make great paint tools and they will love the different print marks they make. It can be a messy activity but preparation is key. Work out the area you will use and make sure you cover up anything within reach. 

Trips to the park

Trips to the park will always be a fun activity for your little ones. It allows them the chance to run off some steam. But it will also give them that much-needed chance for some fresh air. This can clear your head as well as theirs and allow you a little breathing space away from the home. Most parks have play areas but even if there is just an open space to kick a ball around. They will love it. 


Let’s hope this helps you for when boredom strikes. 



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