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Keeping Your Kids Entertained Over The Christmas Holidays Has Never Been Easier!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. It’s just that they can be a lot of hard work, particularly when they’re home from school for a few weeks over Christmas. As parents, we have lots of things to do and prepare; it’s not so much of a holiday for us! So, when you have kids trying to get your attention and in need of entertaining, it can be very hard to oblige.

Thankfully, I have loads of great tips that prove keeping your kids entertained over the Christmas holidays has never been easier. There are so many things you can do to ensure they’re left with smiles on their faces while you deal with all your other responsibilities.


Play Family Christmas Games

For me, Christmas is the best time of the year to play games with your family. It’s when the classic board games like Monopoly come out, and everyone gets around the dining room table for some fun. Not only will this keep your children thoroughly entertained, but it’s also entertaining for you as well. When you have time spare, it’s the perfect way to get involved and spend time with your kids, while ensuring they’re happy and not bored. Family games on Christmas day are a must, and to be honest, I’m getting a little bit excited at the thought of playing these games right now! If, for some bizarre reason, you’re reading this blog on Christmas Day – then close this tab and go play with your family. I recommend Monopoly, Frustration, Cluedo, Jenga, and all the other classics!

Buy A Digital Cable TV Package

I know, it doesn’t seem like great parenting to just stick your kids in front of a TV all Christmas. I’m not suggesting you do this, I just think having a good TV package gives you an added option. While you’re wrapping presents and need to lock yourself in your room, so they don’t see you, then the TV is your best friend. With a good package, you can get movie channels, kids channels, and so much more. Just sit them down for an hour or two while you secretly get their gifts ready from Santa. The good thing is, a lot of TV providers let you buy packages on a monthly contract, meaning you can cancel them after Christmas to save money. Also, many provide free installation, which further keeps the costs down. Again, I want to emphasize that you shouldn’t keep your kids in front of the telly all the time! This is just a great idea for those moments where you need to leave them unsupervised and can distract them with a film or TV show.


Go For Long Winter Walks

Children love going outside, even when it’s cold. In fact, if you’ve had snowfall, then they’ll be itching to get outdoors. Literally, kids are like dogs waiting patiently by the front door to be let out when the snow comes! Personally, I think we should all try and go out with our kids as often as possible. It gets them out of the house, walking around, being active. This is good for their health, while also keeping them entertained. Take them out for long winter walks when you have time, stopping off at a coffee shop for a cuppa – and some hot chocolate for them too – to get a break from the cold. My favorite thing about this idea is that it tires your children out. So, I find it’s great to do this on Christmas Eve when they have so much energy and excitement. Go for a really long walk and try to spend as much of the day out and about as possible. They’ll get home in the afternoon and feel so tired that they’ll want to go to sleep right away. This frees up the time for you to get everything ready for the big day.

Buy Them Some Puzzles

This is another idea that’s good for when you need your kids to play quietly on their own. I often alternate between this and the TV idea when I need to wrap presents. A jigsaw puzzle is an absolute classic gift for kids. It sits them down and really makes them focused. They’ll spend ages trying to piece together the puzzle, and it’s something that’s better when more people are involved. So, if you have multiple kids, it gets them all playing together and working hard while you wrap. I also have a sneaky plan when it comes to puzzles. Firstly, I get one or two before Christmas Day for them to try and complete. Then, I make sure there’s another one of two wrapped up as a Christmas present. They’ll be so eager to do more puzzles after the first ones that the gift seems so much better!

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Bake With Them

Finally, you can keep everyone entertained and in the festive spirit with some family baking sessions. Christmas is the perfect time to bake some festive cookies or gingerbread men with your kids. There are loads of simple recipes out there that get young children involved too. They’ll love helping you out, and will be over the moon when they get to eat the special treats! Get the icing tubes out too so they can decorate the cookies and gingerbread men to their own liking. This provides them with added entertainment, and you could offer a special prize for whoever decorates theirs the best. Again, this is another idea I think is good for Christmas Eve if the weather is too bad to go outside. You get everyone together, throw on some Christmas tunes, and the whole family is in the festive spirit. Now, if you’re feeling adventurous, then I suggest upgrading your simple gingerbread men into a gingerbread house. There are loads of kits you can buy that help you bake everything and then your kids can fit it all together with you.


You see, entertaining your kids is as easy as 1, 2, 3. With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, I suggest you use all this advice to prepare you for what’s to come.

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